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  • 09/09/18--09:01: FM18 Tactic: Double Volantes
  • I like to share the tactic I’ve been playing for the last six month because it’s very effective, but also it produces very attractive football.

    It’s a bit unorthodox in that it fields two Segundo Volantes (or VOL) on the DM-positions. The VOL is probably the most demanding role in the whole game. It’s the complete midfielder role. Their tasks in defence are the usual duties of shielding the defensive line and winning the ball back. But when the team regain possession his task switches to creator and runner when he turns into a mix of advanced playmaker and a box-to-box. Since they start from...

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    Starting a new savegame on Football Manager is exciting. Choosing which club to manage is often the most difficult decision to make. The natural choice for the first save is to pick the club we support in real life. But who doesn't love a challenge of bringing a team back to its former glory?

    I've put together a list of 8 sleeping giant type of teams that would make up a challenging save on Football Manager 2019.

    What is a "sleeping giant" in football?

    Jack: "There are a few ingredients which qualify a club as a sleeping giant. They are most often traditionally big clubs who have suffered a...

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    HNL : Croatian First Football League

    HNL is the first Croatian league including 10 Croatian clubs that qualify to play for it. Every team plays 36 league matches and every team plays every team 4 times (2 away, 2 home matches).

    The champions of the league play 2nd round qualifiers for Champions League, while second and third placed clubs play Euro League qualifiers.

    Biggest Clubs and rivarlies

    Croatian biggest club is Dinamo Zagreb. Having won the league 31 times they find themselves as the Croatian biggest football club,producing great players last two decades with the likes of Modric,...

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    Italy Serie A 2018/19

    FC’12 style is a kit style project of FM Slovakia. This league pack contains 59 real (2 alternative) kits; home, away and third for most clubs in this style.

    Redistribution Policy
    Want to share this pack on other sites? Please point the download link to this very page. You cannot host any files yourself, unless you have written permission from the authors.

    Do you want to help?

    Contact Patres10 via PM here. Or you can do it via a reply on our download site (FM Slovakia) too, if you want.

    How to install

    Step 1

    Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as ...

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    Today I’m going to show you 10 teams outside of the big leagues that you should try. During this miraculous trip I’ll show you 10 teams, from different countries, and show you why you should take the job.

    10. Dynamo Brest

    The first stop of this journey is Brest, Belarus (not France). The Belarusian team isn’t world-famous because of some fascinating history or an amazing story. No. The Belarusian side never won it’s nations highest honour and only 3 cup wins and one Super Cup win fills the trophy cabinet in Regional Sport Complex Brestsky, the 10000+ seater stadium.

    The club got massive...

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    There are plenty of places you can legally buy your copy of FM19 from, with Steam store being a natural choice for most people.

    Support a fansite, not just Valve

    Buying your copy directly from the Steam store means you are only supporting Valve. They have profit regardless of whether you buy a game directly from them or from some other retailer, because at the end of the day the Steam platform is a requirement for Football Manager.

    You can choose to be supporting people who put in great effort every season to enhance your Football Manager experience by creating and curating content. Speaking...

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    Have you (also) experienced starting out really well while using a certain tactic, and all of a sudden (possibly half or a whole season later) you're hitting a wall of bad results? It's definitely frustrating, but that can happen.

    Some people believe that Football Manager match engine AI eventually figures out your tactic and adjusts accordingly after a while.

    Is that a myth or a fact? We scoured community discussions and found the answer, which is confirmed by Neil Brock who works at Sports Interactive.

    The AI doesn't figure you out. Simply put, any AI manager in any match...

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    Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guide Part 1 - How to Extract Default Files & Understanding File Structure

    Compared to Football Manager 2017, there are just two changes for FM 2018.
    • Location of the fmf files has changed slightly as the 3D stuff is now packed into fmf files as well.

    • Whilst Football Manager Touch 2018 is again a separate entry in your Steam Library it looks like both versions of the game include the same files so regardless of which version you are making content for it looks like you only need to extract the fmf files of one which should save some hard drive space. Note...

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    The real managers of football

    Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti, Zinedine Zidane, Luis Enrique. They are just five of the top crop of managers in modern day football. As of writing this article, three of them manage major club sides across Europe (two Manchester-based club and one in Naples), another manages the Spanish national team, while Zizou is currently 'in between' jobs. In this millennium, this set of managers have won an outstanding eleven UEFA Champions League titles between them, as non-players. Eleven of a possible eighteen (if you don't count the year 2000), making up...

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    Similar to FM17, Football Manager 2018 no longer allows you to add a picture to your manager instead encouraging you to use the Facegen system. However last year's mod still works so at the moment you can add a manager picture with a bit of work though it may be disabled again in a patch and still has the same limitations as last year.

    Thanks to some work from Cyrius50 at it is now possible to add a Manager Picture when adding your Manager to the game, however it isn't possible to apply the picture to existing profiles nor to change the image so make sure you are happy with...

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    Football Manager 2018 Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    As you may have noticed the match screens have been redesigned in Football Manager 2018, which is actually a good thing for this mod as we now have more room to work with.

    As a change this year we have gone back to the Split Containers which allows you to adjust the width of the containers in game which allows you to more easily customize them to fit the content you want to display and your resolution. Unfortunately you cannot adjust the height of the right panels in game that still needs to be done through editing the files.

    To resize...

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    After applying this mod, backgrounds should now be shown on all match screens apart from the pitch and presentation views (which is where you want the pitch showing).

    However, the backgrounds will not show when you are in-between highlights on the pitch view nor will it remove the grey stadium background from 2D Classic Mode, though like with the default skins backgrounds should show behind pinned widgets.

    Also if you are using the Dark Skin (or the Dark Base Skin) you will need to edit it first to enable backgrounds (instructions are with the Base Skins).

    Download Match Day...

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    Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guide Part 2 - The Basics

    This is the second part of Michael's Skinning Guide and explains how to set up your first skin.

    Before You Start - Programs You Will Need

    Before you start doing any skinning you need to ensure you have a few tools available.

    - A fully up-to-date version of Football Manager 2018 (Or the version of FM you are making the skin for, this guide is good for any version from FM15 onwards including Touch Mode Skins).

    - A Text Editor - For FM18 I'd recommend Wordpad over Notepad as Notepad doesn't seem to be reading the formatting of FM18's...

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    Football Manager 2018 - Match Review Screen Mods

    Another change to the match screens in FM18 saw the old Overview screens being replaced with context specific Review Screens, however the default screens are a little lacking in detail so these mods use my Match In-Between Highlights panels to improve the data shown and add some better customization to the screens.

    There are three screens in total.

    Match Half-Time Review

    This screen shows when a match gets to half-time and has had the following changes made:
    - Added a box around the Competition Logo, this and the text will use the...

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    Football Manager 2018 - Competition Review Screen Mod

    Another change in FM18 is that we now have a new default fixtures & results screen which includes a couple of new items but is missing the goalscorers data shown in the other views.

    So this is simple mod that adds the goalscorers back into this screen and to ensure it works across various resolutions I've turn the panel into a split panel so you can resize the league table panel to fit in the result details if you are playing on a smaller resolution.

    Installation Instructions

    If you are using the default skins:

    - Extract the zip...

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    Football Manager 2018 - How To Create 3D Kits

    Before you start you will need a couple of things:

    - 3D kit template - I've attached a simple one that includes the generic kits to get people started, eventually I expect the community will release a fully featured one with more templates, but these instructions should apply to community templates as well.

    - An Image editing program that can read psd files. The easiest program to use is Adobe Photoshop however it is expensive though you can generally get a free 30 day trial from adobe's site and I'm not sure if it's still available but they...

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    Welcome to my 2018-19 season facepack.

    This year's player sizes have been boosted to 230px-300px, making them compatible with DF11 panels. The download link will take you to a shared folder - download it as a zip, unzip it and move it to your graphics/faces folder. The same process applies for the non-player pack below, which contains about 2,550 tiles. Keep an eye out for updates.

    Note: apologies for the change to the download process, the original was getting a little overwhelming. You will now be downloading one folder for players and another for staff / refs,...

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    Football Manager 2018 Skinning Guide Part 3 - Changing the Font Settings

    Welcome to the third part of the updated Skinning Guide for FM 2018.

    Before reading this guide make sure you have read the previous parts of the skinning guide as this part will be following on from them.

    The previous guide talked you through creating a new skin, albeit one that is identical in appearance to the default skin, this part will explain how to edit the font and text settings.

    Before starting I advise you have the following folder locations open;

    - Your Working folder location which is where you extracted...

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    I may have cracked Sarriball. Beautiful realistic football.

    I am an avid Chelsea fan and I am fascinated by Sarri's tactic especially using a Regista in the 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 formation.

    After a lot of trial and error and almost giving up, I have stumbled upon a ridiculously beautiful tactic.

    In previous iterations, I was never satisfied with the movement of the two midfielders above the regista, but I believe I have finally unlocked the ME to produce realistic yet effective and beautiful football. 

    My only gripe is that the possession hovers around the 55-60%. Other than that...

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