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  • 09/08/15--04:18: FM16 Digital Pre-Order

  • FM16 Digital Pre-Order + Bonus

    Pre-Purchase your Football Manager 2016 activation code from FM Scout store and redeem it on Steam (download, install, play).
    Buying your copy through here greatly supports our fansite going forward.

    Pre-order now for £34.99 / €47.8!

    Add to Cart

    Out November 13th on PC, Mac & Linux!

    Pre-order Bonus

    Pre-order now to receive the Football Manager Documentary and Early Access to the FM16 Beta.

    Fans who pre-purchase Football Manager 2016 will be rewarded with a download key for ‘An Alternative Reality: the Football Manager Documentary’. In addition, they will also enjoy access to a fully-playable Beta version of the game, which will be available roughly two weeks prior to the official release date. Careers started in this Beta version will continue in the full game.

    Please note: This game is region locked and cannot be activated through Steam outside of your region.

    Languages Supported In-Game:
    English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Swedish, Turkish.

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    With over half a million downloads in 4 years, we hope that you continue to support us and download the file. Here are some of the things that we have done to the update -

    *Players released from clubs.
    *All loans undone.
    *Contract extensions.
    *Manager and staff changes.
    *Future transfers already completed.
    *Promotions and relegations done.
    *45 added potential wonderkids.
    *Thousands of raised reputations of players, meaning you do not have to load those league they play in, to use them.
    *Parma in Serie D.
    *Transfer budgets altered and ongoing.
    + Much more.

    Our Facebook page - Our Twitter

    Step 1

    • Copy or Move the downloaded file The Football Manager Whizzkids 2015 Transfer Database...fmf at the following location:
    Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2015 / editor data
    • Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

    Step 2

    • Start new save-game with this database selected. Select new game and bottom right there is a box to choose All, None or Custom. Custom allows you to choose one file, All selects all in the editor data folder so choose accordingly.

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  • 09/10/15--16:04: FM16 Pre-Order Explained
  • So pre-order has started alongside the announcements that confirmed the FM16 release date, unveiled the key FM16 new features and showcased a dozen of FM16 preview videos. The FM 2016 hype is maintained daily as Sports Interactive are revealing minor new features every day via Twitter (you should follow @fmscout if you're not doing that already). As a result the anticipation is growing stronger by the day.

    And the question that keeps popping in your head is: Should I pre-order now or wait a bit longer?

    Before addressing that question, let's see why it makes sense to pre-order in the first place. You can pre-order either the digital or the boxed edition of the game. Until FM15, pre-ordering would reward you with roughly 2 weeks early access of a pre-release beta version of the game. The FM16 pre-order will grant you a gift copy of An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary in your Steam inventory, regardless whether you go for the digital or the boxed edition. The big difference this time is with the early beta access, which is a bonus that only digital pre-orders will receive. So, if you are the sentimental type and prefer to have the boxed edition, I'm afraid you'd have to be patient until November 13th, while other people will be enjoying FM16 beta since the end of October.

    Now that we've cleared this up, let's answer the first question. There are 3 key factors you should take into consideration. The first one is the price. If pricing matters a lot to you, you should avoid pre-ordering from the Steam store and the Sports Interactive store (powered by humblebundle). Do some research to find a cheaper place or wait until FMSCOUT lowers its price sometime next week (hint! hint!). It really makes no difference if you pre-order now or around mid-October. The only thing that can change between now and then is that you'll be able to find a lower price due to limited time discounts various sites are always running during that period. The second factor is financial availability... in other words when you're going to have money to invest in FM16. If you'll have them next week and you're worried you might spend them elsewhere until late October, it's better to move while you have them. The final factor is when you're going to have enough spare time to play. A lot of people wait until Xmas to buy the game as this is when they're able to find some time off work and family. Some argue that the game tends to have annoying bugs until then anyway, so maybe that's an extra concern for you to consider as well.

    Quite a few people have asked me about pre-ordering FM16 from FMSCOUT, especially in regards to when we'll run a special discount that will convince them to send their money our way. The truth is that while we have already opened our FM16 pre-order page, we're not advertising yet. Our digital distributor (Nexway) has been unable to offer a competitive price so far (currently 34.99 GBP), but we're in talks that will allow us to bring the price below 30 GBP (significantly cheaper than Steam). Therefore I'm kindly asking you to wait until next week because I'm confident we'll manage to have a better price. If you've been using our fansite to serve your Football Manager needs, I believe it makes sense to want to show your support by buying your FM16 copy from here. These sales is the main funding source of this site and what really helps us keep moving forward and delivering more great content and new features for our users. In addition, if you're a member here, you'll get our prestigious verified buyer badge.

    So there you have it. I've outlined 3 factors you should consider to decide when it's best for you to pre-order and I've also given you 3 reasons to pre-order your digital copy from FMSCOUT (but wait until next week to do it).

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    When creating this tactic I was curious as to whether it would be effective as there is a large gap between the midfield and attacking midfield but I surprised myself with some of the amazing seasons I've had with this tactic [results are at the bottom before the video]. This tactic is quite similar to Chelsea's real life tactics but it has a few differences such as the Deep Lying Playmaker would be more of an Anchor man or Half back if this was emulating Chelsea's real life style.

    We'll run down the positions first then the mentality and instructions:

    Goalkeeper (G/Defend): his job is simple, stop goals going in if the lines in front of him fail to do so but this tactic has a defensive set-up and doesn't often concede that many goals over the course of a season but your keeper can prove to be vital in some big games.

    Right/Left Back (WB/Support): due to this tactic having attacking wingers I felt that we would just keep the wing backs on support so they don't attack too high up and leave space which the attacking wingers are not going to come back and cover them. We do look for the overlap sometimes though as instructed.

    Centre Backs (CD/Defend): their job is simple and similar to the keepers, if they lines in front fail to keep the oppositions players out these will be called upon to try and do a job before the ball comes to the keeper and again can prove to be a crucial part of your team in bigger games.

    Defensive Midfielder (DLP/Defend): his role is to take time on the ball and look for options to get the ball up to the lines further forward whether it be by a long ball or a setting up a passing move with a short pass.

    Defensive Midfielder (RPM/Support): he is different to the DLP as he will usually be the person who will set up the passing moves if the DLP cannot find anything else to do with the ball and as in the name of a RPM (Roaming Playmaker) he will roam if he needs to and kick start a move from the deeper positions.

    The defensive midfielders often get assists along with the wingers

    Left and Right Winger (W/Attack): these guys are the main source of assists as they are the ones that are usually receiving the ball from the defensive midfielders and then crossing it or passing it into the striker who scores most of the goals, but these guys also score a fair amount by cutting in and also in passing moves with the striker.

    Attacking Midfielder (AM/Support):: firstly the reason I have put this played on support is because of the gap between the defensive midfielders and attacking midfielders so the attacking midfielder will sometimes be seen in deeper positions to make the gap a little smaller. This player tends to score and set up a lot of goals in the team.

    Striker (AF/Attack): not much to say on the striker, obviously the main source of goals as he is getting fed the ball by the wingers and the attacking midfielder.

    The mentality of this tactic is attacking (as are most my tactics) - this is because its just my personal preference as I like to play an attacking style of football on football manager. The team shape is very fluid meaning that all the players are expected to contribute to all phases of play - this means that attackers will be expected to help defend and vice versa.

    Our instructions are: Retain Possession, Float Crosses (depends on how tall your striker is), Looks for overlap, Push Higher Up, Close Down More, Get Stuck In, Use Tighter Marking, Prevent Short GK Distribution and Higher Tempo.

    The reason for the the float crosses was because I had a massive 2 meter tall target man at one point but unfortunately he has retired now but that instruction is still effective with my 1.75 metre tall striker I now have. The rest are just my style of play which is basically based on the Barcelona tiki-taka style of play by passing the ball around and when we lose it pressing our opponent and maybe causing them to make a mistake.

    The Results of this FM15 tactic

    As previously mentioned this tactic is a strange one that at first I was curios about using due to the massive gap between the midfielders and the attacking players but I have proven myself wrong after first using this tactic in 2028/29 season which we won the title by 6 points only losing 3 and conceding 19 goals over the course of the league season and also winning the Capital One Cup after beating Manchester United in the final with our first season with this tactic. Something else I need to point out is this tactic was also a drastic change from our last one where we played a 4-3-3 but with 3 strikers.

    In our next season we did an invincible season after winning 31 and drawing 7 and again conceding a low amount of only 14 goals and netting 110 goals therefore having a goal difference of 96 and a points total of 100 (a new record). This was also the first time in this save that I had done the invincibles with my amazing team (full of regens) in the 15 years in the save (at the time). Unfortunately due to our focus on finishing the league season unbeaten we only managed to win the Premier League but we did reach the Champions League semi-finals.

    Our next season we scraped the title by managing to win it by 1 point ahead of Manchester United but we only lost 3 over the course of the season and we again scored over 100, netting 103 goals. This year we also won the Capital One Cup after defeating Arsenal in the semis and Middlesborough 5-0 in the final. We also manged to step up our game in the Champions League as we we're no longer playing for an invincible campaign and we beat the following teams en route to the final: PSG (3-2 agg), Monaco (6-1 agg) and Barcelona (6-2 agg) all very good teams there but we also had a tough team in the final in Real Madrid but we managed to beat them 2-0 in normal time.

    We broke even more records in the following season after managed to win 32 games in the league season (better than our invincibles) but we did lose 4 games but still accumulated 98 points finishing 17 clear of 2nd placed Everton. Alongside retaining the league title we also won the Capital One Cup after beating Manchester United in the semis and Sunderland in the final and the FA Cup after beating Everton in the semis and Arsenal in the final.

    Do we ever stop breaking records? No - in the 2032/33 season we again broke our new record of points this time getting 103 after again breaking the games won record getting 33 won, 4 draws and only 1 loss in the league season. We also got 119 goals which is also a club record and finished 18 points clear of 2nd placed Everton. We also managed to retain the FA Cup beating Arsenal in the final but that was the only trophy we won but it was still The Double!

    2033/34 was not the greatest league season for us only finishing 3 clear of Everton but we still picked up a points total of 90 and most importantly retained the league again. But to make up for the league season we won the Capital One Cup after beating Hull in the final and the Champions League after beating teams like: Dortmund, PSG (4-1 agg), Bayern (4-2 agg) and Liverpool (3-1 agg) before beating Real Madrid 2-1 in the final to win another Champions League.

    In my most recent full season we also retained the league again after being 6 points clear of Everton after scoring 103 goals and only conceding 33 over the course of the league season. We were also runners up in the FA Cup but we lost on penalties against Everton. We were also runners up in the Capital One Cup but Manchester United managed to beat us 1-0 in extra time. We did however retain the Champions League after beating Manchester United in the semis (7-3 agg) and Porto in the final 1-0 after extra time.

    In my current league season we have played 7 games in the league and yet to lose in any competitions as we sit 3 points clear at the top of the league after only drawing 1 so far. We have so far scored 17 and only let in 5.

    I also made a video on YouTube about this tactic but this is a lot more in-depth and since the video a few seasons have passed:

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    Facebook link:

    Twitter link:

    Welcome to LFCMarshall's FM15 Summer Transfer update. This update will make a small amount of changes to the game to keep it as up to date and realistic as possible. You can suggest anything either on Facebook or my thread. Changes made include:

    Released: 13th September 2015

    13.09.15 Changes:

    - Latest transfers - including deadline day!
    - MLS updated with waived players and latest transfers
    - Norweigen league update
    - French league update
    - Mafra, Famalicao and Varzim added to the Portuguese second league
    - Created Yoshinuri Muto at Mainz
    - Added players back to Millwall after a mistake on the previous version
    - Latest transfers around the world
    - Latest managerial changes
    - As usual other smaller changes also

    Basic changes include:

    - Over 100,000 changes to the database
    - over 400 new youth players added across the world
    - over 100 agents added to the game
    - over 50 media and journalists added to the game
    - MLS updated with news rosters and management
    - Usual CA/PA changes
    - Lower English leagues CA/PA changes
    - Staff changes across the major European Leagues (CA/PA and stats)
    - Latest transfers
    - Manager changes
    - Released players
    - Edited European team / Cup winners
    - Relegations and promotions across the world
    - And much, much more!

    Promotions and Relegations:
    England - Premier League to Conference N/S, Scotland - Premiership to League Two, Belgium - Jupiler to Proximus , Germany - Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga, France - Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Spain - La Liga, Italy - Serie A. Holland - Eredivise, Jupiler, Portugal - Primeira Liga, Russia - Premier, Turkey - Super Lig, Denmark - Superliga, Nordicbet liga, Ukraine - Prem'er, Persha, Druha, Greece - Superleague, Switzerland - Superleague, Challenge, 1. Liga, Hungary - Premier League

    European teams changed in the following nations:
    England, Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Turkey, Denmark, Ukraine, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary, Financial Fair Play - Go Ahead eagles and West Ham

    Huge thanks to the contributions of Joao Piva, Tobba Gustafsson, ThePav, Nicolas Bell and Jens Skavdal


    Video relates to FM13 but is basically the same.

    Step 1

    Download the .zip archive and extract the file (using either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac).

    Step 2

    • Copy or Move the extracted file LFCMarshall's Transfer Update.fmf to the following location:
    Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2015 / editor data
    • Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

    Step 3

    • Start new save-game with this database selected. Select new game and bottom right there is a box to choose All, None or Custom. Custom allows you to choose one file, All selects all in the editor data folder so choose accordingly.

    Thanks and enjoy.

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    Hi Football Manager fans. My English is very poor.

    First of all i want to say, this tactic was originally created by CroMadridista for Football Manager 2014 (Ancelotti's Real Madrd for FM14), but it works well on Football Manager 2015. So thanks to CroMadridista :)

    League Table :

    Very interesting season with Barcelona. Lionel Messi was injured in Januar / 4 months / . but Barcelona without Lionel Messi was played fantastic. 123 goals new record in Liga BBVA. My team is better , because we have 100 points

    Cristiano Ronaldo stats :

    Some Results :

    Formation :

    Team Instructions :

    Mentality - Control
    Team Shape - Fluid

    Very important !!!

    When you are playing away games , set Mentality to STANDARD !!! ( This is very important vs Big and Medium Teams like Malaga , Atletico , Barcelona)

    Squad stats :

    Training : Pre Season - Focus : Team Cohesion
    Intensity : High or very High ( Injuries Warning on very High ! )
    Season - Focus : Balanced
    Intensity : Avarage or High ( Injuries Warning on High ! )

    Notes and tips :

    -If you are losing in 60th minute try to speed up the pace (Higher tempo)
    -If you are losing in 75th minute put all cards in attack ( Pump Ball in to Box , Much Higher tempo )

    Very important !!!

    When you are playing away games , set Mentality to STANDARD !!! ( This is very important vs Big and Medium Teams like Malaga , Atletico , Barcelona , Sosiedad , Bilbao )

    0 0

    Contains 137.437 changes from the 10th of February 2015 until the 15th of September 2015 that happened after the 15.3 database lockdown. Inside the .rar file you can find all texts that contain the database changes, plus the instructions text on how to install correctly the files in your game !

    Make your suggestions and feel free to tell me your ideas either on this topic or the comments below. Hopefully I can do something about it !

    Released: 15 September - 3.7

    Updates are scheduled to be released every 15 days, so you know when to expect the next ones.

    What is included

    • Transfers Update

      1. Transfers from all around the world from the very best leagues to the small ones.
      2. Contract changes to reflect corrected wages.
      3. Managerial changes.
      4. Passed away players / staff are removed from database.
      5. Corrected squad numbers.
      6. In some cases adjusted personal attributes such as height and weight.
      7. Added favorite clubs, favourite staffs and so.
      8. Nationality changes.
    • General Changes

      1. Chairman changes. Newly created chairmans take the place of the ones who left.
      2. Added affiliations between clubs.
      3. New people created that are not in the game, and are not wonderkids.
      4. Stadium removals.
      5. Corrected captains.
    • Injured Players

      1. Players who were injured, corrected injury dates.
      2. Players who were injured, but mistakenly not added to the game.
    • Wonderkids

      1. New young players created, who will become world class players in the future.
      2. In some cases adjusted CA/PA abilities of players under 21, and set wonderkids.
    • Current Ability / Potential Ability Changes

      1. Adjusted stats and current ability attributes.
      2. Adjusted potential ability.

    How will this feature affect our games? Can we play this update without the CA/PA changes?
    Yes, the CA/PA file is a new file beside the others. If you don't want this file, simply don't choose it when you start a new game.

    Installation Instructions

    Step 1

    Extract the downloaded zip file. You'll get 2 folders and 2 .txt files

    Step 2

    Open the "Files" folder.
    Then move the .fmf files you need in your Football Manager 2015 editor data folder:

    Win Vista/7/8: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\editor data\
    Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\editor data\
    Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/editor data/

    Create the folder editor data if it doesn't exist.

    Step 3

    Start a new game.

    In case you have more editor data files: When setting up a new game, do not have any other data update files ticked on your Editor Data Files screen except this one.

    Choose only my files if you are not sure about the changes in every file. Many files together from different creators can cause crashes to the game, duplicates and other problems. Avoid using files from different creators.

    Files that add new competitions are OK to have.

    Please consider donating

    For my work I don't get any reward, only thanks. If you want to say thanks in another manner by donating, I can accept any offers in my PayPal account:

    Thanks !


    5 August 2015 - v3.4
    • 112.877 database changes.
    • 3 new wonderkids: Thomas Agyepong, Jason Eyenga-Lokilo and Joao Virginia
    • Some CA/PA changes.
    • MLS updated with new teams (NYCFC & Orlando City starting in the first season.

    15 July 2015 - v3.3
    • 96.032 database changes.
    • 7 new wonderkids: Djibril Sow, Vlad Mihai Dragomir, Ilias Moutha Sebtaoui, Vasilis Kinalis, Donyell Malen, Bobby Adekanye, Adama Traore
    • Some CA/PA changes.
    • All last year's injuries removed and replaced with new.

    1 June 2015 - v3.0
    ◘ Added :
    • 49.997 database changes.
    • Missed transfers.
    • Manager changes.
    • 2 new wonderkids : Yassin Fortune and Jeff Reine-Adelaide both from Arsenal .
    • Promotions/Relegations/Cup holders in England until Blue Square North/South , and France until CFA.
    • Some CA/PA changes.
    • Injuries removed from based nations : England , France, Germany , Greece.
    • New injuries added to players like : Diego Alves , Sergio Asenjo , Claudio Marchisio , Daniel Sturridge.
    • Yoshinori Muto , Mainz player created.

    ◘ Missed/Not added :
    • Uefa coefficients/European places. I need firstly the Champions League Final to be finished.
    • Injuries in other nations than the 4, I mentioned.
    • Promotions/Relegations/Cup holders in another nations. Will be completed pack by pack.
    • Many transfers will be missed, as it's summer and every second a new transfer will come out.

    2 May 2015 - v2.2
    • More than 27.335 database changes
    • Missed transfers
    • Manager changes
    • 4 new wonderkids : Toni Trograncic, Federico Valverde, Maximiliano Romero, Caoimhin Kelleher.
    • Parma's -7 points deduction.
    • Many CA/PA changes.
    Known issues
    • You need the official 15.3 patch to make these files work.

    1 April 2015 - v2.1
    • More than 20.363 database changes
    • Missed transfers
    • Manager changes
    Known issues
    • Loans with less than 3 months duration are not included.
    • You need the official 15.3 patch to make these files work.

    15 March 2015 - v2.0
    • More than 13.817 database changes
    • Missed transfers
    • Manager changes
    • Mike Havenaar, HJK player created
    • New wonderkids added, taking the number to 24
    Known issues
    • Cyprus & Indian Superleague, and Agents files have been removed from now, cause I haven't tested them. Although the Agents file should probably work perfect. If you want the agents file, grab the one from my previous pack.
    • You need the official 15.3 patch which includes the winter transfers to make this pack work.

    10 January 2015 - v1.2
    • More than 27.080 database changes
    • Latest worldwide transfers such as Cerci to Milan, Torres to Atletico Madrid, Frank Lampard loan renewal, Steven Gerrard future transfer to LA Galaxy, Lukas Podolski & Xherdan Shaqiri to Inter, and so on...
    Known issues
    • Short term loans (less than 3 months) are not passed
    • Kramaric is currently in Leicester; If something goes wrong with his WP, I will remove him from the next pack

    1 December 2014 - v1.1
    • More than 21.460 database changes
    • Latest worldwide transfers

    15 November 2014 - v1.0
    • More than 15.400 database changes
    • Latest worldwide transfers that happened after the 15.1 database lock-down
    • 7 Japan international players created + Joshua Blake Kennedy (Australian international)
    • Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Saido Berahino abilities changed
    • Created Indian Hero Super League + Cyprus Divisions (1st & 2nd)
    • 18 wonderkids created including Martin Odegaard, Ianis Hagi, Brooklyn Beckham & Xane Zaineddine


    These FM15 Data Packs are created by pr0 on behalf of community.

    0 0

    Watch the video to find out more about the tactic!

    0 0

    Hello everyone, it's good to be back with my databases.

    Last year my FM14 database was downloaded a total of 170,000 times and for that I like to thank you all, especially for supporting my work since the very beginning and making it known to the Football Manager community.

    This year I'm hoping to be bigger and better. As always I will be working around the world with player transfers, managers, coaches, etc.

    There are 82,746 changes to the database as of September 15th, 2015, including 918 non-league transfers and managers in England and Scotland.

    • BRAND NEW - Created 100 real life non-league players that SI have missed
    • English Level 12 leagues and cups return fixed and ready to play
    • Fixed FA Cup and added FA Vase
    • Added 20 new wonderkids
    • Changed stats for 23 players
    • Salford City updated with the class of '92
    • Cardiff back to Blue
    • Changed some team names
    • Promotions and relegations in Europe. More leagues will be changed soon as the seasons are over.
    • Promotions and Relegations in England from level 1 right to level 11
    • Parma now play in Serie D

    You will not find a database around that covers every playable and non playable leagues in the FM community.

    And once again I will be working on non-league changes in England, Scotland and a host of other countries.
    Sadly I had to remove level 11/12 for minor bugs. Hopefully sort the bugs out and return level 11/12

    Hope you enjoy my database.

    Wonderkids added:

    Reece Oxford - West Ham
    Brooklyn Beckham - Arsenal
    Jose Mourinho jr - Fulham
    Julijan Popovic - Leverkusen
    Kjetil Haug - Man City
    Ryan Caird - Celtic
    Mark Hill - Celtic
    Georgios Spanoudakis - Stuttgart
    Josh Doughty - Man United
    Inaki Pena - Barcelona
    Justin Kluivert - Ajax
    Joe Van der Sar - Ajax
    Ianis Hagi - FC Viitorul
    Bobby Adekanye - Liverpool NEW
    Brooks Lennon - Liverpool NEW
    Vlad Dragomir - Arsenal NEW
    Jeff Reine-Adelaide - Arsenal NEW
    Ismael Bennacer - Arsenal NEW
    Donyell Malen - Arsenal NEW
    Yassin Fortune - Arsenal NEW
    More wonderkids will be added with each update.

    Stats for 23 players have been changed:

    Alexis Sanchez - Arsenal
    Jack Wilshere - Arsenal
    Willian - Chelsea
    Andrew Robertson - Hull
    Abel Hernandez - Hull
    Daley Blind - Man United
    Ayoze - Newcastle
    Charlie Austin - QPR
    Graziano Pelle - Southampton
    Saido Berahino - West Brom

    Michy Batshuayi - Marseille

    Manuel Neuer - Bayern Munich
    Thomas Muller - Bayern Munich

    Andrea Ranocchia - Inter Milan
    Sebastian Giovinco - Juventus
    Kostas Manolas - AS Roma
    Radja Nainggolan - AS Roma
    Stefano Okaka - Sampdoria

    Scott Brown - Celtic
    Gary Mackay-Stevens - Celtic

    Iker Muniain - Athletic
    Ivan Rakitic - Barcelona
    Antonia Rukavina - Villarreal

    More player stats will be changed during the season.

    How to use Steve85's 2015 database:

    Step 1
    Copy or Move the downloaded .fmf file to the following location:
    Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2015 / editor data
    Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

    Step 2
    Start new save-game with this database selected.

    0 0

    Even though the summer transfer window has just opened, the people working on unofficial data updates have been making progress and releasing the latest versions of their work. It's the time of the year we seek a new challenge for a save game, and having the latest real world transfers is exactly that.

    Remember that there will be NO official data update for the summer transfer window. This always comes with the new game release. That is why this article is important to those of you who are looking for a way to start a new save game with the latest world transfers applied.

    We will be monitoring all data updates out there week after week to give you a handy comparison chart that makes it easy to figure out which pack is best for you (see below). The point of this infographic is to help you make an informed decision.

    Last updated: September 15th

    IMPORTANT: These unofficial updates can be used in your game and have nothing to do with pirate copies; they are editor data files you could create yourself.

    While we haven't created our own data update for this cause, we are glad to present you with all the quality data updates made around the scene.

    FM 2015 Summer Transfer Updates

    We will be updating this infographic on a weekly basis.
    And we will be adding new data updates in case some more quality efforts emerge.

    pr0's FM15 Update Packs
    Facebook page

    LFCMarshall's FM15 Summer Transfer Update
    Official Facebook Page

    Steve85's FM15 Transfer Update
    Facebook page

    The FM Whizzkids 2015 Transfer Database
    Facebook page

    FMonline Forum FM15 Transfers Update
    Facebook page

    How to install an unofficial data update to FM15

    First you need to choose which update you want to go with (pick just 1 of the available data updates), and download it.
    * Extract it if it's a .zip or .rar archive before moving to the next step below.

    → Place the downloaded file in
    Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/editor data
    Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.

    → Start a new game and when the database box pops up, click the 'change' button and tick the box next to the file you have chosen to go with.

    Enjoy! :)

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    Danish ALKA Superliga 2015/2016

    It contains 28 real kits; home, away and third for most clubs in beautiful FC'12 style.

    This kitpack is made by Burb & Katanka from FM Freaks, a Danish fan site for the game. .

    Redistribution Policy
    Want to share this pack on other sites? Please point the download link to this very page. You cannot host any files yourself, unless you have written permission from the authors.

    Do you want to help? Join Our Team

    How to install

    Step 1

    Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders.

    Step 2

    Copy those folders to:
    Windows: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\graphics\kits\
    Mac OS X: /Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/graphics/kits/

    Create folders "graphics" and "kits" if they don't exist already.

    Step 3

    Run Football Manager 2015 and go to: Preferences > Interface

    Make sure that you tick the check box on the page called 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences' and un-tick then box saying 'Use caching to decrease page loading times'. Hit Confirm.

    There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.

    0 0
  • 09/17/15--14:31: FM16 Digital Pre-Order
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    Football Manager 2016

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    • Choose 'Activate a Product on Steam', and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

    Is internet connection required to the game? Internet connection is required once to activate and install the game. After that's completed and the game runs normally, you may set your Steam client in offline mode.

    Will I receive my activation code now or just before beta is out? SEGA has already passed the codes to their digital distributor partners and Nexway (our distributor) is one of them. So if you pre-order FM16 through FM Scout store, your activation code should be delivered to your email inbox a few minutes later. Remember that only official SEGA digital distributors can offer the early beta access bonus, as this is no longer possible for pre-orders of the boxed edition.

    Is it 1 activation code for both beta and final version or 2 codes? SEGA informed us it's just 1 code. With this code you will get early access to the beta version of the game, which will get automatically updated to the final version on release day (November 13th). And when redeeming this code on Steam, The Football Manager Documentary will be added to your Steam inventory.

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    I bought the game but can't get the verified buyer badge. Why? We sync the database of verified buyers once a week (or two). Please wait for the next sync to see your verified buyer badge on your account. If after 14 days you still can't get your badge, please contact us.

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    As we all know it's that time of they year were all us Football Manager fans keep our eyes peeled on social media for the unveiled screenshots of the next installment of Football Manager in this case FM16. Well in typical fashion there will be a lot of articles on who you should manage on your next FM crusade and we at FMScout have decided take a shot at bringing you some in-depth articles.

    The first article we are providing you is in the form of ‘10 Fallen Giants You Should Manage On FM16’. This article aims to inform you of 10 teams that could possibly tickle your fancy for an FM16 save when the game is released on November 13th or September 31st for beta users. But enough chit chat from me let's get into the countdown starting with number 10...

    #10: Parma Football Club

    So as we all know Parma FC were relegated to the Serie D after financial troubles in the season just gone, but it's not just the money troubles and league position that appeals to the typical FM guru but that Parma F.C are no more and have reformed as Parma Calcio. Money troubles were so bad that the club actually folded and reformed under their new name.

    It's no doubt that many people will be looking forward to playing this one, but not as soon as you think as the Serie D is not in Football Manager by default so the Editor will be a must in this one if you're to take over Parma Calcio. So it's up to you, can you revive this fallen giant, or will the financial troubles just keep you in the Serie D?

    A Job For: Claudio Ranieri

    #9: Nottingham Forest

    So we move to number nine and we are of course in England. Now it pains me to recommend Forest as a save because they're just not as good as Derby (Derby Fan) but their history and fall is just too good not too mention. Now Forest were managed by the greatest manager of all time ‘Brian Clough’ known for his arrogance and big headedness he certainly could manage *Cough Cough… Leeds United*. Clough & Forest won the old first division in the 1977/78 season and the League Cup 4 times over his reign but the most memorable will be 78/79 & 79/80 seasons in which Forest won the Champions League back to back.

    Now sitting in the 2nd tier of English Football, Forest will now be looking to challenge for the Premier League and who better to help but ‘You’. In this save you will be rebuilding Clough’s legacy, can you win the Champions League with Nottingham and dominate Europe again?

    A Job For: Tony Pulis

    #8: Deportivo Alaves

    Deportivo Alaves are a team that will not be very well known in the UK unless of course you're a Liverpool fan. The team's most memorable moment would be the 2001 UEFA Cup Final played against Liverpool in which Alaves cruelly lost on Golden Goal 5-4 against Liverpool. In what had been a tough 12 years battling relegation form both la Liga & Segunda the club finally got out of trouble claiming promotion to the Segunda in 2013.

    Still currently playing in the Segunda Division which is the 2nd Tier of Spanish Football Deportivo are certainly in need of a makeover, however it should be a fun challenge trying to knock Barcelona, Real Madrid & Atletico off their perches. It will be your job to get them promoted back to La Liga, consolidate and then win the Champions League, Lets hope you face Liverpool in the final for some sweet sweet revenge.

    A Job For: Roberto Martinez

    #7: FC Pro Vercelli

    Pro Vercelli are a team not known by many anymore but take a trip 100 years back and you're talking Italian heritage football. FC Pro Vercelli were ranked among the best team in the world during the post war era, the club where at there best between 1908-1920. Italian history is rich and football is a big part of Italy and its benefited from teams such as Pro Vercelli.

    A club that won several Italian Football Championships back in the day find themselves in the Italian Serie B which is the 2nd Tier of Italian Football these days. This is a challenge for someone who likes to resurrect the oldest of clubs from the days of your great grandparents. Will you revive the Italian kings of the past?

    A Job For: Michael Laudrup

    #6: 1. FK Příbram

    1. FK Příbram a team reformed from the great FK Dukla Prague with a great history and a sad downfall. Dukla where amongst the biggest teams in Europe and Czechoslovakia. The team was mainly made up of the Czechoslovakian Army and 7 of the players helped the Czech National side reach the 62’ World Cup Final. The club then dissolved again and gave the rights to a new team to carry their legacy under the name 1.FK Příbram.

    The Club finished 5th last season in the Czech Top Division and now it's your turn to push these ‘Czech Giants’ to European Glory the one thing the old club could never do. Will you be the king of Czechoslovakia and relive in the name of FK Dukla Prague?

    A Job For: Mauricio Pochettino

    #5: Budapest Honved FC

    Budapest Honved F.C are a very similar story to our last entry ‘FK Dukla Prague’ but from Hungary. The team enjoyed their success in the 50’s and once again made up from mainly army members and of course the legend that is ‘Ferenc Puskas’. The Club qualified for the 2nd ever European Cup and drew Atletic Bilbao in the first round, they lost the first leg 3-2 in Spain. Before the 2nd leg was played The Hungarian Revolution had collapsed and the Soviet Invaded so the 2nd leg was then rearranged to be played in Spain again. They drew 3-3 going out 6-5 on aggregate.

    The club later reformed as Kispest Honved FC but still carry the history on their backs. Since then they have made 1 or 2 brief appearances in Europe but nothing to shout about. Can you revive this Hungarian Superpower?

    A Job For: Gianfranco Zola

    #4: AEK Athens

    AEK Athens are a club with a big history but pushed aside by the Greek gods that are Olympiakos, Panathinaikos & PAOK, AEK haven't had much to shout about in recent years. If it wasn't enough that that trophies weren't coming in money problems arose and scandals where in the papers. AEK then decide as a collective group to self relegate themselves and play amature football to pay off there debts and such.

    For this save some of the work is done for you the club are back in the Greek Superleague but it isn't going to be easy. Can you knock the ‘3 Gods’ of the top and make a once great Greek Superpower great once more?

    A Job For: Fabio Capello

    #3: AFC Wimbledon

    AFC Wimbledon sponsored by the game we love a team of English history and of course home of the madman that is the loveable ‘Vinny Jones’. AFC Wimbledon’s story is rather incredible as it tells a tale of a club that where top of the English world who fell so far that if it wasn't for the creators of the game we love there would be no AFC Wimbledon. Now as we know it wasn’t always ‘AFC’ Wimbledon as the club used to be plain old Wimbledon F.C. The club after what was there successful years had past fell into non-league football and didn't have a ground nor kit to play in.

    *Along comes Miles Jacobson and his merry men* And Bam the club reform under a new brand called ‘AFC Wimbledon FC’ now sitting in League 2 after consecutive promotions the club are consolidating in the 4th Tier but they need someone who can push them all the way back to Division 1, could that be you?

    A Job For: Eddie Howe

    #2: FC Magdeburg

    FC Magdeburg where once a big part of Germany. Winning 1 Cup Winners Cup, 3 East German First Divisions, Magdeburg where certainly a force to be reckoned with. But like most giants it's a sad story for Magdeburg who now currently sit in the 4th Tier of German football after the huge decline, but where did it all go wrong. THE IRON CURTAIN.

    Yes that's right, the Iron Curtain falling ruined Magdeburg as as the split communities of Germany came together and the professional clubs formed where all the players left clubs like Magdeburg. But can you resurrect this now small German club and prove that money doesn't buy trophies?

    A Job For: Jurgen Klopp

    #1: New York Cosmos

    New York Cosmos deserve a place on our list but not just for being a ‘Fallen Giant’ but the fact that I have sat here and wrote about 10 other European Teams and not moved to another continent. New York Cosmos where once a top team in the MLS and dissolved in 1984 because the chairman simply pulled them out, although the name didn't die out. The Cosmos ran soccer camps for young people for a number of years before finally reviving themselves as a soccer club.

    The first game as a new club was against Manchester United in Paul Scholes testimonial match where Eric Cantona managed the Cosmos. The club then released a statement in 2012 saying they were to play in the 2nd Tier of American Soccer but were still hell bent on playing in the MLS. Of course you will need the editor for this save but can you revive the New York Cosmos and win the North American Champions League?

    A Job For: Tim Sherwood

    Honorable Mention: Leeds United

    Leeds United are a definite honorable mention on this list of fallen giants and need you ask why? Well, as we know Leeds where the biggest team in Europe and England During the late 60’s to the late 70’s you know before Brian Clough kinda ruined them (Haha). Having won numerous First Division titles and even coming close to winning the European final under Don Revie, Leeds were a ultimately the best side in England.

    Although called the cheats of the 60’s & 70’s for their philosophy of tough tackles has the game maybe gone a bit soft. Well now it's your turn to revive such a gracious english team and take them back to top flight football but please tackle nicely.

    A Job For: Harry Redknapp

    0 0

    For the new season, FMclub is really pleased to show you his Kit template : the TW. This template was created by Teenway, administrator of the french website and pack was done by Teenway (and ToonsCio for the Real Sociedad kits). Project advance slowly but surely to purpose always more content.


    If you want to share the pack, link this download page and our forum; do not host the files elsewhere.

    How to install

    Step 1

    Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders.

    Step 2

    Copy those folders to:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\graphics\kits\

    Create folders "graphics" and "kits" if they don't exist already.

    Step 3

    Run Football Manager 2015 and go to: Preferences > Interface

    Make sure that you tick the check box on the page called 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences' and un-tick then box saying 'Use caching to decrease page loading times'. Hit Confirm.

    There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.

    0 0

    Most FM players, if not all, try at some point creating a successful 4-4-2 tactic. It is tempting to recreate the arguably the most famous formation of all time. The classical implementation of having two central strikers, a big man and a small man, and a double pivot central midfield pair usually fail in front of the more modern possession hungry and high pressing systems such as the 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 (which is in essence a 4-4-2 itself). However, the flexibility of the 4-4-2 allows it to adapt to the modern game by making subtle yet crucial changes, as Diego Simeone and Manuel Pellegrini have demonstrated with Atletico and the Citizens respectively. Both are 4-4-2 in formation, by the setup can’t be more different from each other. My tactic here is based on my favoured 4-4-2 system of Atleti.

    P.S: although my tactic is inspired by El Cholo’s Atleti, it is not a recreation of their style of play

    Tactical Analysis

    Many tactical gurus much better than myself (yes Cleon, you!) have spoken in great detail and depth about the strengths and weaknesses of the flat 4-4-2. You can find Cleon’s great article here.

    In short, the two main weaknesses of the 4-4-2 are:
    1. Being too rigid in the midfield causing the team to play in straight lines
    2. Being too exposed in between the lines for AMCs to exploit

    To overcome the first problem, you need to encourage dynamic movement from your team; hence a mentality of Fluid or Very Fluid is a must. For poorer teams, a Fluid mentality combined with More Disciplined team instruction is sufficient to have more control on your team. With the first problem out of the way, the second problem allows your managerial creativity and imagination to go wild. We need to squeeze and remove the half spaces from between our lines (marked 1 and 2). Obviously the wide half-space 1 is much more dangerous to be kept open than 2, because a skilful and pacey AMC can rip us apart from there. To remove this space, we need either to push very high up or dropping very deep. The first option will make all the space behind our centre backs which will make it easy for pacey and skilful strikers to exploit. The latter gives the opponent more space to dominate possession and threaten our team more, especially if we fail to regain possession. However, the more attacking the opponent is; the more space that will be available behind his formation to exploit. And this is exactly what Atleti does, and what I shall do.

    The half-space 2 can be nullified by using a very deep lying forward or a false nine, or by using a dedicated AMC. Deep lying forwards don’t really either drop too deep for my tastes, or don’t contribute enough defensively. I prefer using an attacking midfielder, to provide better defensive cover and create enough chances that the striker should only focus on scoring them.

    Pairing Review

    The roles in my tactic are as follows, and the type of ideal players I want. (Too much LFC reference since I’m a Reds fan and LFC players are the best I know!)

    Goalkeeper: Standard GK-D, with distribution to Fullbacks to initiate quicker counter attacks (Thibaut Courtouis and Joe Hart).

    Left Centre Back: CD-C, Quick and strong centre back. (Varane and Hummels).

    Right Centre Back: CD-D, Powerful, towering and hulking centre back. (Sakho and Kompany).

    Full Backs: Limited Full Backs. Think of them as wide centre backs, with pace more important than strength. Good passing and vision is important as they usually launch direct passes to the forwards to initiate counter attacks (Filipe Luis and Jon Flanagan).

    Left Center Midfield: CM-D, a sort of a centre-back in midfield. This will be our destroyer, requires being tall, strong and tenacious. The more creative the better as he can be instructed to play More Direct Pass from deep. I avoid DLP role to prevent the team playing mainly through him. (Nemanja Matic and Lucas Leiva).

    Right Center Midfield: RPM, my favourite sort of player. Our runner is an engine and powerhouse in the midfield, required to do a range of defending and attacking duties. Expect him to bang a few goals too. The more round the better. (Jordan Henderson, Young Steven Gerrard, James Milner, Yaya Touré and Aaron Ramsey).

    Wide Mids: WM-A, Think of them as wide Box to Box midfielders. They require high workrate to track back and cover defensively as well as provide our main attacking threat from the flanks. Ideally they are quick and technically proficient. Lazy players will unbalance your team. (Adam Lallana, Koke and Arda Turan).

    Attacking Midfielder: Treq., This is our creator in the strike pair. He must be skilful with eagle vision and intelligent off the ball movement. Expect him to be your top assister and expect quite a few goals from him. (Philippe Coutinho, Luca Modric and James Rodriguez).

    Striker: Poacher, Our scoring threat. A fox in the box, the quicker the better. He requires high rating in determination, off the ball, finishing and pace generally. The more rounded as a striker he is, the more he will score. (Luis Suarez, Michael Owen, Karim Benzema).

    The Tactic

    Without further (boring?) ado here is the tactic. Implemented in my Notts County save in my second season, after spending the first season and the first matches in the second season trying to prefect it.


    I started using the final version of this tactic since Bradford’s game. We conceded least in the game and we look deadly on the counter. Conceding 9 goals in 23 matches is quite spectacular given my average defence. My striker, Adam Campbell is flourishing in this style, scoring 15 in 23.

    Tactic in Action

    Lowry intercepts a Hendrie clearance.

    The team re-positions after losing the ball as Lowry plays a ball to Cox. Notice the narrow defender line relative to the midfield line. The AMC (Noble) also presses.

    As Serrano receives the ball, he faces vigorous pressing from Noble (AMC) and McGinn (MCL).

    McGinn slides the ball towards Kent (MR)

    Kent dribbles wide.

    Rossiter takes the ball to the edge of the box and looks for Hester (ST).

    Hester shoots, their GK blocks it...

    ... and it falls for Shane Ferguson (ML) for a simple tap-in.

    In just 20 seconds from winning the ball, we played a lovely quick counter attacking move to score a beautiful move.

    0 0

    For the new season, FMclub is really pleased to show you his Kit template : the TW. This template was created by Teenway, administrator of the french website and pack was done by Teenway (and ToonsCio for the Real Sociedad kits). Project advance slowly but surely to purpose always more content.


    If you want to share the pack, link this download page and our forum; do not host the files elsewhere.

    How to install

    Step 1

    Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders.

    Step 2

    Copy those folders to:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\graphics\kits\

    Create folders "graphics" and "kits" if they don't exist already.

    Step 3

    Run Football Manager 2015 and go to: Preferences > Interface

    Make sure that you tick the check box on the page called 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences' and un-tick then box saying 'Use caching to decrease page loading times'. Hit Confirm.

    There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.

    0 0

    For the new season, FMclub is really pleased to show you his Kit template : the TW. This template was created by Teenway, administrator of the french website and pack was done by allezrcs94. Project advance slowly but surely to purpose always more content.


    If you want to share the pack, link this download page and our forum; do not host the files elsewhere.

    How to install

    Step 1

    Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders.

    Step 2

    Copy those folders to:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\graphics\kits\

    Create folders "graphics" and "kits" if they don't exist already.

    Step 3

    Run Football Manager 2015 and go to: Preferences > Interface

    Make sure that you tick the check box on the page called 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences' and un-tick then box saying 'Use caching to decrease page loading times'. Hit Confirm.

    There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.

    0 0

    In their quest for immortality and fans' adulation, Football managers employ any number of techniques and strategies to gain the upper hand over their bitterest rivals. Much like the many tactics a poker player might utilise at the table when the stakes are high.

    It's uncanny how some of today's leading lights in Premier League Football mirror the behaviour of a poker player. And indeed, many are!
    Let's take a deeper look shall we?

    *Note: Some of the following players may have left the table by time you read this

    The Passive Aggressive High "Money no object "Roller: Jose "The Money" Mourinho

    Arriving to much fanfare and making a scene to ensure the focus is on himself, is the Portuguese poker prince, Jose M.

    Taking his place at the table, you can sense the unease among the other players already seated there. In part, because just about everyone here has had some kind of history with him but also as his mere presence at the table raises the odds considerably.

    Sitting at the table with the biggest pile of chips, continually raising the stakes and watching those that can't keep up sweat it out against a bigger fish, he grins smugly while playing with an unlimited bankroll.

    His bluster is buoyed by the fact that losing has little-to-no effect on his funds. His bankroll ensures he doesn’t need to employ mind tricks to win, but employ them he does anyway, just for the fun of it.

    Jose doesn’t need a p-p-p-poker face, opponents know what he's thinking but can do little about it anyway as he is always in possession of the strongest hand. His aggressive playing style makes him few friends but does, inevitably, mean that more often than not he wins the pot.

    His only weakness is his own arrogance. The mischief in him can't resist winding up his competitors. Armed with the ability to start a fight in an empty room it wouldn’t be long before chips are flying and competitors are tearing each other apart.

    Meanwhile, he lights up a cigarette, flips up his hoody, places his shades neatly on his face, collects his chips and cashes out before coolly strolling away from the brawling carnage of the scrum taking place behind him where only moments earlier stood a table of cards.

    Stopping only momentarily to berate a small lady doctor in the audience, he allows himself a wry smile, knowing his work for the evening is done. Outside, a parked bus is waiting.

    The (Reverse) Bluffer: Brendan Rodgers

    The reverse bluffer typically gets it wrong. Maybe he doesn’t quite understand the best hands in the game, maybe he is simply a bit confused or out of his depth but either way, this is the guy who thinks he is laying down a royal flush that turns out to be a busted flush instead.

    When the others laugh at his naivety, he is strangely unmoved and leaves the table in an oddly happy mood, knowing he'll be back next week with a revised tactical plan that, the others are only too aware, will be the same as the one that just lost him all his money. Never-the-less, Brendan whistles a merry tune as he is sent on his way from the table.

    Brendan "the bluffer" Rodgers thinks he's a shark, a crafty ninja-like master of the cards but all too often his over confidence is exposed.

    He talks a good game, but does little to justify his gusto, continually over estimating the value of his playing hand. Or knows it and plays anyway.

    By playing this way, the Liverpool man creates profitable situation - for others. Perhaps he’s just one of the ‘fish’ that online poker players in the UK love to find (more about that here).

    For our (reverse) bluffer, it has to be Brendan!

    No money, no risk: "Wild" Arsene Wenger

    Depending on who you believe, Arsene can either afford all of the chips or none of them, all too often opting for merely some.
    Maybe he is scared of the fight in his old age, simply not wishing to go toe-to-toe with younger, fresher blood. Maybe he is tight but, either way, he is increasingly reluctant to chance his luck financially which leaves him with a weaker hand than his followers might have hoped for.

    Despite his waning eyesight, which can lead to him missing some of the key events on the game, he remains an undoubtedly skilled opponent and is definitely experienced. So experienced in fact, that he is beginning to look increasingly world weary and his hunger for the fight is not what it once was.

    Not universally recognised for his sporting acceptance of defeat, upon losing he is likely to get up and leave the table in somewhat of a huff and, in a rage, it might slip his mind to forget to shake the hands of his vanquisher.

    Weak or tight, this player will usually settle for what he's got and hope for the best.

    Our low risk, low baller has to be Arsene.

    Honourable mention goes out to:

    Alan "the Selhurst shark" Pardew, who excels at getting under the skin of his opponents.
    Big Sam "benefits" Allardyce, who employs 18th century tactics to win an 18th century game.

    0 0

    This is a list of 90 young football talents to watch in 2015 who could appear for the first time in the FM database and be potential Football Manager 2016 wonderkids based on what we know from real football. You won't find players who already appear on our world-renowned list of FM 2015 wonderkids; in fact the young talents listed below don't exist in the official FM15 database at all.

    As a result you'll get to find out plenty of totally fresh starlets you might haven't heard of until now. I've tried to include players between 15 and 18 years old, but there are also a couple of exceptions (1x 13-year old, 2x 14-year olds, plus 2 players aged 19 and 20).

    • Players on this list do not exist in the official FM15 database.
    • More than 85 new exciting prospects you might haven't heard of before.
    • The age limit is to be up to 18 years old by 30 June 2015 (plus 5 extras).
    • The order is totally random.

    Published: 6 September 2015
    Updated: 23 September 2015


    Mile Svilar (16) Anderlecht, Belgium
    Joe van der Sar (17) Ajax, Netherlands/England
    Gianluigi Donnarumma (16) Milan, Italy
    Kjetil Haug (17) Man City, Norway
    Ilias Moutha Sebtaoui (16) Man Utd, Belgium/Morocco
    Joao Virginia (15) Arsenal, Portugal
    Peter Bery (15) Falkirk, Scotland


    Matthijs de Ligt (16) Ajax, Netherlands
    Reece Oxford (16) West Ham, England/Jamaica
    Dayot Upamecano (16) Salzburg, France/Guinea-Bissau
    Kieran Freeman (15) Dundee United, Scotland
    Dujon Sterling (15) Chelsea, England
    Vashon Neufville (16) West Ham, England
    Dan-Axel Zagadou (16) PSG, France
    Jurich Carolina (17) PSV, Netherlands
    Chris Marques (17) Stoke, Australia
    Harry Souttar (16) Dundee United, Scotland
    Tolaji Bola (16) Arsenal, England


    Adama Traore (20) Monaco, Mali
    Ianis Hagi (16) Viitorul, Romania
    Brahim Diaz (16) Man City, Spain/Morocco
    Francesco Antonucci (16) Ajax, Belgium/Italy
    Antonio Trogrančić (15) Bayern Munchen, Germany/Croatia
    Giorgos Spanoudakis (16) Stuttgart, Germany/Greece
    Xane Zaineddine (16) Watford, Australia
    Keidi Bare (18) Atletico Madrid, Albania
    Indy Boonen (16) Man Utd, Belgium
    Bobby Adekanye (16) Liverpool, Netherlands/Nigeria
    Federico Valverde (17) Real Madrid, Uruguay
    Filip Tasic (16) Djurgardens IF, Sweden
    Nick Taitague (16) Richmond United, USA
    Mark Hill (17) Celtic, Scotland
    Jadon Sancho (15) Man City, England
    Jeff Reine-Adelaide (17) Arsenal, France
    Djibril Sow (18) Gladbach, Switzerland
    Vlad Dragomir (16) Arsenal, Romania
    Angel Gomes (15) Manchester United, England/Portugal
    Antony Evans (16) Everton, England
    Vlad Mihalcea (16) Steaua, Romania
    Mohamed Aiman Moukhliss (15) Real Madrid, Morocco
    Yaw Yeboah (18) Man City, Ghana
    Noa Lang (16) Ajax, Netherlands/Suriname
    Callum Gribbin (16) Man Utd, England
    Tahith Chong (15) Feyenoord, Netherlands/Curacao
    Yan Dhanda (16) Liverpool, England/India
    Brooklyn Beckham (16) England
    Mackenzie Heaney (16) Newcastle, England/Scotland
    Leandro Fernandes (15) PSV, Netherlands
    Tord Johnsen Salte (16) Lyon, Norway
    Michiel de Looze (16) Anderlecht, Belgium
    Kian Flanagan (15) Crystal Palace, England
    Cheick Toure (14) Feyenoord, Netherlands/Guinea
    Edvard Tagseth (14) Liverpool, Norway
    Callum Slattery (16) Southampton, England
    Juan Nazareno (17) Independiente del Valle, Ecuador


    Thomas Agyepong (19) Man City, Ghana
    Gianluca Scamacca (16) PSV, Italy
    Donyell Malen (16) Arsenal, Netherlands
    Dusan Vlahovic (15) Partizan, Serbia
    Jordan Allan (16) Wolves, Scotland
    Reiss Nelson (15) Arsenal, England
    Maximiliano Romero (16) Velez, Argentina
    Yassin Fortune (16) Arsenal, France
    Jason Eyenga-Lokilo (16) Crystal Palace, Belgium
    Ché Nunnely (16) Ajax, Netherlands
    Nicolás Schiappacasse (16) River Plate, Uruguay
    Justin Kluivert (16) Ajax, Netherlands/Suriname
    Muhammet Besir (18) Trabzonspor, Turkey
    Gabriel Mazuela (16) Universidad de Chile, Chile
    Sam Lammers (18) PSV, Netherlands
    Odsonne Edouard (17) PSG, France/French Guiana
    Evangelos Patoulidis (13) Anderlecht, Belgium/Greece
    Postolachi Virgiliu (15) PSG, France
    Edward Nketiah (16) Arsenal, England/Ghana
    Moise Bioty Kean (15) Juventus, Italy
    Vittorio Vigolo (15) Milan, Italy
    Branco Provoste (15) Colo Colo, Chile
    Rafael Camacho (15) Man City, Portugal/Angola
    Fredy Alex Guehi (15) Parma, Ivory Coast/Italy
    Washington Corozo (17) Emelec, Ecuador

    Recommended Download

    If you want to add most of the players mentioned above to a new FM 2015 save of yours, use the FM15 Data Update Pack by pr0.

    If you spot any mistakes in names, clubs or nations or if you have suggestions of more players to add to this list, please feel free to comment below.


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