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    You will often find tactics that offer the Barcelona Tiki-Taka style of play with every midfielder having over 100 passes and the team having over 70% of the ball. That's all well and good but it has an issue for mid/low level teams trying to play pleasing football and actually producing results. This tactic tries to address that and I have had success. So, I'm looking to share this with the community and develop the tactic and the theory over the course of this year's game.

    This guide is a reworking of my famous iteration on FM14.
    The theories and implementation are...

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    The clubs have finally had enough of FIFA and Europa's corruption. They've broken all ties and formed their own league. The World Football League is born. Containing 11 tiers (plus 64 non-league teams) and, 4 cup competitions, this is a lot of fun to play.

    All competitions, including international competitions have been deleted (can't find a way to stop international friendlies, if anyone has, please let me know.

    All club's youth and training facilities have been upgraded to max levels (you will need to maintain them). League is based in Wallis and Futuna so no Work Permits are needed,...

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    Bielsa's philosophy

    Marcelo Bielsa's philosophy 3-3-3-1 has revolutionized the football scene during his coaching tenures in with the Argentina and Chile national teams, Athletic Bilbao and Marseille with his highly demanding pressing, elaborate attacking and transitioning set up which concluded in a commendable exciting style of play.

    Marcelo Bielsa is known to play a slightly eccentric 3-3-3-1 formation, his formation consisted of; three defenders one sweeper with two stoppers at each side, three midfielders one defensive shield with two lateral-volantes at each side, three attacking...

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    At the start of the 2014/2015 season with his Empoli low-cost, in August everyone gave up on him: Instead Maurizio Sarri taught football to everyone, becoming the character revelation of Serie A. Empoli miracle is a virus in the modern football system: between millionaires presidents rushed and aspiring coaches Guardiola, in a world that has forgotten what it is the patience and the mess, the Tuscans have surprised everyone with a good team built over the years from the nursery and the minor leagues.


    The phase of possession as obvious that it starts from the...

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    United Football League (or United Championship) of Russia and Ukraine was a mr. Gazzaev's project. The task was a raising the football level in two countries. The championship merger was supposed to happen after 2015/16 season, but project was closed for political reasons. But fail in reality doesn't mean that you can't create United Football League in the game. I present you my update.

    This championship removes all Russian competitions and adds United premier league, first league, second league and 5 groups in third league. In premier, first and second league takes part 9 Russian clubs and...

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    4-3-3 SARRI

    Napoli plays a simple game, but very organized, able to impose their tempo to any opponent, and to exploit his weaknesses. Napoli make the organized pressing his main weapon when it isn't in possession of the ball. The enormous organization of the pressing has proved by very interesting statistics: SSC Napoli is the team with less contacts attempted 23.2 and also the team with fewer fouls 10.2, a figure that confirms the coach's hand putting behind the work culture and not just the spectacular phase and offensive football.

    Napoli also is the one that loses less balls in the...

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    I have made Elite World Leagues with the best teams in the world.

    In each League there are 20 teams.

    • Elite World Super League
    • Elite World Championship
    • Elite World League 1
    • Elite World League 2
    The Leagues are based in South Africa country.

    You have Cup competitions as well.
    • Elite World Super Cup
    • Elite World League Cup
    If you drew, you go straight to penalties, no extra time.

    General Rules

    • There is no limit to how many Foreign players you can have in your squad or starting lineup for all the Elite World competitions.
    • All players come down as non Foreigners in South Africa.
    • You can have

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    Like every year as a "good old" tradition (I think it is, after all this is the 4th patch I'm releasing over the past 4 years), here is a Serbian League Patch. It is a Semi – Fantasy League, the League system is real but I had to modify the League structure.

    There are two reasons for this; the first reason is the lack of Teams (anyway I had to create around 50 Teams myself to fulfill the lower Divisions) and I like to create something new. I’ve expanded the first three divisions, have a look below to see the league structure.

    Here are the features:

    • 6 Divisions
    • 36 playable Leagues

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    This database is perfect for people wanting to try something different for their next FM save. Updated to work with 17.3 patch.

    It unlocks ABC Motsepe leagues for each of the nine provinces and I created 27 SAB Regional Leagues. I also expanded the NedBank Cup to include all SAB teams and created nine provincial cups for level 3 and 4.

    The database also includes a variety of playing surfaces including gravel pitches.

    There is very little information available online about the SAB Regional Leagues so this took a lot of research and some welcome help from

    Find me on...

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    Adds the Turkish 3.Lig and Regional Amateur leagues to the game. All names and formats are correct as of the 2016/17 season.

    NOTE: It is recommended to select "Add players to playable teams" before starting the game, due to the lack of real life players in the Regional Amateur League. Deselecting "Do not add staff to playable teams" is also recommended.

    Enjoy playing!


    How to Turkish Lower Leagues in FM17

    1. Move the downloaded file to the editor data folder located at \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\editor data\ If this folder doesn't exist,

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  • 04/13/17--22:49: Man Utd FM 2017 Youth Update
  • The Football-Wonderkids Man Utd FM2017 Youth Update adds 39 youth players and wonderkids to you new FM2017 career game.

    Read about all players added at Football-Wonderkids

    Players added are:


    Ayman Alchelabi
    Sam Waller
    Delmot Mee
    Harry Allen
    James Mason
    James Thompson
    Kai Rooney
    Daniel Polakowski
    Seppe Boonen

    Full Backs

    Oliver Kilner
    Alex Murphy
    Oliver Denham
    Owen Joel Dodgson
    Sam Sharrock-Peplow
    Sam Oliver

    Centre Backs

    Ben Hockerhull
    Teden Mambuene
    Vincent Ibrahimovic
    Max Ibrahimovic
    Ben Woods
    Charlie Savage
    Abdul Djalo


    Max Haygarth
    Jayden Harewood


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    Let me introduce myself before I start explaining the Forechecking tactic. I'm a Pro B Licence football coach since 2002. New to, but very experienced and Football Manager player for many years. My own unique tactics have been used by FM players for a long time. It's my first time sharing on

    What is the Forechecking game system?

    Forechecking is a very unique FM17 tactic with a very unique game philosophy. People who remember 1996-2002 years should be familiar with the legendary Galatasaray team. That team won UEFA Cup 2000 and UEFA Super Cup 2001. There was a very...

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    I took over at Oxford Utd at the start of the third season after they had been relegated to League 2. Expectations was to win the league but after a poor start using various formations I adapted this from a 4-4-2 diamond I had used in previous season when I was at Eastleigh. After changing to this in mid November we went on to win the league comfortably.

    In my 2nd season in charge we won League 1 with 100 pts after having a pre season prediction of 12th.

    Team instructions
    Control mentality
    Close down more
    Shorter passing
    Prevent short GK distribution

    Player Roles

    You want players...

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    Ever wanted to see Cherno Samba, Serge Makofo, Tonton Zola Moukoko, Michael Duff, Mark Kerr or Gareth Jelleyman all in one place?

    Well, now you can in Football Manager 2017 and with the update “Football Manager 2017 Legends Database“, you will have an opportunity to play and manage 89 of the best buys and wonderkids from the Championship/Football Manager series.

    This update will send any Football Manager fan into state of nostalgia.

    All players are aged 16/17 with different potential ratings and start the game on free transfers.

    Which legends have been added?

    Below is a full list of all...

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  • 04/14/17--07:40: Kenya Leagues 2017
  • Play with more than 100 teams in the expanded Kenyan League System down to 4th Level with over 120 teams, a lot more prize money to buy good players. So let the games begin!

    The League System:

    I. Sportpesa PL (18 teams as from 2017)
    II. NSL (20 teams)
    III. Division One (2 x 14 teams)
    IV. Division Two (4 x 15 teams, **Some 30 teams per pool)

    *** Also added Dstv Supercup, FKF Gotv Shield to spice up the fun. I'll be adding more Kenyan players in the coming days

    I have created over 120 new teams to fill up these Leagues.

    How to install

    1 - Download the file.
    2 - Copy the file across to...

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  • 04/14/17--08:06: FM17 No Brexit by Ashwin
  • This year Football Manager added a new feature with Brexit. Honestly I was not a fan of it as my way of playing the game is solidly based on bringing young players from different countries. Hard Brexit made it really for me.

    Here is a file which makes sure you have no such problem and can sign young players more freely throughout European nations.

    Enjoy the game.

    How to apply No Brexit in FM17

    1. Move the downloaded file to the editor data folder located at \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\editor data\ If this folder doesn't exist, create it.

    2. Run Football Manager 2017

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    Transfers & managers up to date all around the world.

    I will try to keep it as realistic and up to date as possible. Every time there is a transfer or a manager change, I will update them.

    I have also added the Indian Super League.

    Last Updated: 3 April 2-17

    Peter Odemwingie to Indonesian club Madura United.

    How to add Rayuk08 data update to Football Manager 2017

    1. Move the downloaded .fmf to the following location:
      Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2017 / editor data
      Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

    2. Open FM 2017 and start a new save-game with this

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  • 04/14/17--09:22: Clinched FM17 Skin

    Thanks to the superb work of the following:
    • Jovovich from fmnation {match intro and scoreboard selector}
    • Gunzo Skin
    • Vitrex Skin
    • Michael Murray
    • Ivan
    • Flut
    • DazS8
    • Wannachupbrew
    • TomDixon77
    • Artdekdok
    • Andromeda

    Clinched FM17 Skin Preview

    How to install the Clinched skin on FM17

    1. Download the .7z archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders.

    2. Move the extracted folder "CLINCHED" to:
    3. \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins
      Create folder "skins" if it doesn't

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    Hi everyone, I'm BigPole and some of you may recognize me from official FM forum or other community forums (I'm an Polish AR as well).

    Here I'm giving you my biggest update yet (doesn't include as many changes as others because I focused on transfers and player data changes, not league or competition updates).

    What's included ?

    - Transfers all over the world (My main focus is Europe, Asia, Africa and South America)
    - Loan endings and post-transfer window ones that game doesn't include
    - Nationality changes, second nationality added/removed/changed
    - Many retirements in lower leagues from...

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