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    Sports betting is pretty big in the UK and it has a long and proud history. For years and decades visiting betting shops and placing wagers has been one of the top pastimes of British men and some women too. In the recent years with the introduction of online betting and more recently mobile betting, it only became more convenient for punters. Online you have the opportunity of checking the different offers from various bookmakers and it’s much easier to compare the odds and markets that are on offer.

    Fantasy Sports
    On the other hand, fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports in particular have always been considered to be more of an American thing. Britons bet on football, whereas Americans play daily fantasy American football, basketball or baseball. Surely, fantasy sports have been present in the UK, but daily fantasy sports in particular has never been a very popular thing on this side of the pond. That is about to change though, since daily fantasy sports have been introduced in the UK. Namely, DraftKings one of the most popular American daily fantasy sport sites launched a UK fantasy sports platform. The laws in the UK are a lot more liberal compared to the US, so there wasn’t any obstacle for that.

    DraftKings launch a UK Platform
    And although some might be sceptical concerning the attitude of the British public and punters towards daily fantasy sports, the people at DraftKings are convinced that there’s a great appetite for this particular type of betting in the UK. And we believe they are spot on. You can be sure that very soon a lot of other daily fantasy sports sites will launch UK platforms.

    Football is the most popular sport in the UK, so obviously it has to be included in the offer. And it is. In addition to NBA, NFL, NHL, UFC, Golf and NASCAR, British players will be allowed to take part in contests that involve matches of the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. At the beginning it will only be available via app. There is an iOS and an Android version of the app, but DraftKings say that they will soon launch a website too. They will soon increase the number of available payment methods, since there aren’t a lot of available from the beginning.

    Future Prospects
    DraftKings applied for a licence during the summer 2015. At that point there was only one smaller website that offered daily fantasy football in the UK. But, at the moment there’s another great American daily fantasy website that has applied for a UK licence. DraftKings has already announced its partnership with two of the most successful and most popular football clubs in England- Liverpool and Arsenal. We think that daily fantasy sports will be very popular in the UK, just like online slots and online casino games in general. You can play the latest casino games, win free spins and play with no deposit bonuses today. There is a lot of competition and a lot of great online casinos offer free spins and only the latest top quality games, but if you like to receive the best bonus offers, you can always find more casino codes from Casino Shorts.

    How does it work?
    If you’re not familiar will daily fantasy sports, it is quite simple. First you enter one of the available contests, provided that all the sports haven’t been filled yet. Then depending on the type of contest you pick a certain number of players. You are awarded a budget and each player has a salary. You aren’t allowed to go over the budget. Basically, the better a player performs, the higher his salary will be. So, Jamie Vardy should cost a lot right now. Then based on each of your players’ performance on the pitch during that day, or that week, you are awarded points. Strikers are awarded points for goals, whereas defenders for clearances, but there are a lot of other categories. You can also lose points, for example if a keeper concedes. Then according to the number of points, the player or the players that have the highest amount of points win the prize.

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    Updated as of 18/02/2016.

    The FM Whizzkids are back again with a brand new update Football Manager 2016.

    The update includes multiple changes that include:

    • Transfers
    • Contracts altered
    • Squad numbers changed
    • Staff movement
    • Free agents sorted
    • Raised player reputations
    • Loans of 6 months+
    • International caps altered
    + Much more to come as the Football season progresses.

    With 600,000+ downloads in 4 1/2 years, I hope that you trust our work and download it to enjoy the most up-to-date content in the Football Manager community.


    The created and edited work of JamesBeedie17.


    How to install The FM Whizzkids 2016 Update to FM16

    1. Move the downloaded .fmf file to:
      \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\editor data\
      Create folder "editor data" if it doesn't exist already.

    2. Run Football Manager 2016 and start new save with this database enabled.

    Follow us on social media

    Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

    Screenshots of 4 player transfers from the database.

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  • 02/18/16--13:11: FIFA Nations League for FM16
  • FM-Players forum present unique editor data which allows you to play with your favorite national team in the league structure.

    224 nations are arranged in leagues using latest FIFA rankings. 209 FIFA members + 15 non-FIFA nations. Micronesia is not in system yet. Games are played from February to December.

    FIFA Gold League - 12 nations - 1 relegated, 4 in relegation playoff
    FIFA Silver League - 12 nations - 1 promoted, 4 in promotion playoff ,1 relegated , 4 in relegation playoff
    FIFA Bronze League - 12 nations - 1 promoted, 4 in promotion playoff, 1 relegated , 4 in relegation playoff
    FIFA League 1 - 20 nations in 2 groups - 1 promoted, 1 relegated , 4 in relegation playoff
    FIFA League 2 - 40 nations in 4 groups - 1 promoted, 1 relegated , 4 in relegation playoff]
    FIFA League 3 - 80 nations in 8 groups - 1 promoted, 1 relegated , 4 in relegation playoff
    FIFA League 4 - 48 nations in 8 groups - 2 promoted
    FIFA Cup of Nations - 224 nations in cup stage - 1 match, final on neutral stadium

    U-21 leagues are arranged same as senior leagues.


    Installation Instructions

    When you start game choose Finland and December 2014 or 2015 (its up to you).
    You can choose a different country, but I recommend Finland because the league will start in December this way.

    If you want to have more players in smaller nations or U-21 squads you need to load more players:

    You can choose "Current international players" and "Players from top division clubs" but these 2 options will load over 80k players. It's up to you and your PC :D

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  • 02/18/16--13:36: Betting on Football Managers
  • We all know that football is the most popular sport in the UK, well and the whole world for that matter. In addition, football is the first choice when it comes to sports betting, especially amongst UK punters, regardless whether it is conventional or online betting. Betting on the outcome of a match may be the most common type of a bet, and 1, X and 2 are the most common markers. However, betting is not only about what happens on the pitch and it doesn’t only concern the players. You can also bet on the managers and a lot of issues that have to do with football managers.

    It’s been a fun Year
    These markets are quite unique and the markets themselves and the odds always depend on the current events. Who is going to be the next manager who will be sacked, or what would the next managerial position of a manager who has just been sacked or who is going to be the next manager of a club that just sacked their manager are only few of the options. In the past few months there have been a lot of interesting events concerning managers and managerial positions, especially in the Premier League and, accordingly, there are a lot of available wagers.

    Where will Pellegrini go?!
    It has been announced that Pep Guardiola will be the next manager of Manchester City, starting from the beginning of the season 2016/17. This means that Manuel Pellegrini will be free from the end of the current season. Therefore, you can bet on which will be his next club. Right now the odds are the lowest for Chelsea, set at 6/4, which is not surprising knowing that the London Blue are without a manager since Jose Mourinho has been sacked, while Guus Hiddink is only a temporary solution. Then it is Valencia with odds of 7/2 since everybody expects Gary Neville to be fired soon. Other teams and national squads follow, such as Zenit St. Petersburg, the national team of Chile, the current Italian champions Juventus, PSG, Atletico Madrid, Villarreal, etc. The odds for Pellegrini to become the next manager of Man U are set at 12/1 and that would be a rather strange outcome knowing that he is currently the manager of their bitter rivals. Schalke 04 is at the bottom of the list with odds of 33/1.

    Chelsea without the Special One
    After a series of bad results and a terrible position on the EPL table, Jose Mourinho, Portuguese manager who lead the club on two occasions and won numerous titles, was sacked. And this caused quite a lot of rumours and gossips in the world of football. Guus Hiddink was named a temporary manager and now one of the most interesting wagers when it comes to managers is who will be the next Chelsea FC manager, i.e. who will be sitting on their bench on the first game of the 2016/17 season. Massimiliano Allegri is the favourite with 4/7 odds, followed by Antonio Conte with 7/2. Then it’s current City manager Pellegrini, followed by Jorge Sampaoli and Liverpool’s former Brendan Rodgers. The temporary manager Hiddink is also on the list.

    Speaking of Mourinho, his next destination as a manager is one of the most interesting wagers. Here Manchester United is an obvious favourite, even though this would have been a totally unlikely scenario until only few months ago. The odds for Mourinho at Old Trafford are as low as 1/6. The odds for the other teams that might be Mourinho’s next club are a lot higher, with PSG at 7/1, Roma at 9/11 and Inter Milan at 10/1.

    This year, so far, Jose Mourinho and Brendan Rodgers have been sacked. But, you can bet on who will be the next manager in the Premier League who will be sacked. The odds are very low for Villa’s Remi Garde, at 2/1, whereas for Van Gaal the odds are 4/1 and for Pulis 11/2. You can also bet that no manager will leave until the end of this season.

    Other Bets
    In addition you can bet on who will be the next permanent manager of Man United, where permanent is someone who had been in charge at least 10 competitive games. Clearly Mourinho is an obvious favourite, followed by Giggs and Pochettino. You can also bet on who will take a certain managerial position in some of the clubs from the lower divisions, like Derby, Barnsley, Scunthorpe or Stevenage. Finally, even though at the moment there aren’t any indications that Arsene Wenger is going anywhere, you can put a wager on who will be Arsenal’s next permanent manager. Currently the odds are lowest for their former star player Dennis Bergkamap, followed by Roberto Martinez, then Ronald Koeman and Diego Simeone. However, since it is a far off event, the lowest odds are set at 10/1.

    So, if you’re a fan of making wagers, you may also be a fan of online casinos and, in particular of mobile casinos. If you want to find out which casinos offer the best bonuses, you might want to check this list. With the growing popularity of mobile gaming you would surely be interested in some mobile opportunities.

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    Rivalry is one of the things that makes football great. It adds an element of excitement, thrill and even a certain degree of hostility and as long as things don’t escalate, rivalries are definitely good for football. There is more than one type of rivalry between clubs. There’s geographical rivalry where two clubs are based in the same area of a larger city, in the same city or larger town, or in two neighbouring smaller towns. Examples of this type of in English football rivalry are- West Ham- Millwall, Sheffield Wednesday- Sheffield United and Newcastle- Sunderland. Then we have rivalries between teams who were performing well and fighting to win titles in the same longer period of time. A typical example of this type of rivalry is the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United, clubs which also hail from neighbouring cities.

    A different kind of Rivalry
    But nowadays we’re witnessing a new type of rivalry. Rivalry between football managers. Surely, up to a certain degree there were such rivalries in the past as well, but many would agree that the last decade has been marked by the fierce and intense rivalry between two of the very best even not the best managers in the whole world - Jose Mourinho and Josep Pep Guardiola.

    How it all began for Jose and Pep
    In the past Jose was Bobby Robson’s assistant at Camp Nou, at the time when Pep was playing for the club. Surely at that point nobody even suspected that these two will become the greatest managers of our time. Jose started his career in 2000 with Benfica, a Portuguese club, whereas Pep’s coaching career began later, in 2007, when he was in charge of Barcelona B. Soon after, or precisely next year Pep became Barcelona’s manager. At that time Mourinho was already a proven manager, having won the Champions League with both Chelsea and Porto. At 2008 Mourinho became manager of Inter Milan, a team with which he also managed to win the Champions League.

    But Pep’s star was also rising, and during his second year he managed to win a record of six titles, including the Spanish La Liga and the Champions League. He became the first ever manager to do so. People already started comparing the two managers, since they were the two most successful managers of the period. But the rivalry was taken to a new level when Real Madrid appointed Jose Mourinho as their manager in 2010. In the first El Classico with the two men on charge of the respective teams, Pep’s Barcelona won 5-0, and that’s when it all really began.

    The Barcelona - Real Episode
    The following years until the end of the 2012 season, Spanish football and European football in general were marked between the rivalry of these two men. That didn’t change even when both of them left the Spanish club and went on to coach Chelsea (Mourinho) and Bayern Munich (Pep, after he took a one year sabbatical). In the 16 matches that the clubs these two led played against each other, 7 concluded for a victory for Pep, 3 for Jose and 6 draws. Guardiola has a higher win percentage of 74%, whereas Murinho’s number is a bit lower, 66%. Jose has won a total of 22 trophies, compared to 19 medals won by the Spaniard, but one should bear in mind that Pep has fewer years behind him.

    The upcoming Manchester Episode
    Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and their rivalry have been all over the press, again, for the past few weeks. And the reason for this is the fact that Manchester City have recently announced that Pep will take over the managerial position at this club from 2016/17 season. Mourinho who has been fired from Chelsea is now the bookmakers’ favourite for being hired as Manchester United’s next manager. Mourinho already said that he’s ready to take on another club and that he would like to stay in England. The rivalry between Manchester City and Manchester United is as fierce as a rivalry gets. Both clubs are from the same city and they have been at the top of English football in the past several years. So, provided that Mourinho is the next manager of United, which is very likely to happen, we can expect a lot of great duels between the two old rivals- Pep and Jose. We’ll see who will be more successful in this new, English episode of their rivalry.

    Trying to guess who will be more successful in the new upcoming clash between Jose and Pep would be really unpredictable. But that’s what makes football fun. If you enjoy taking chances and like to try and win money online, you may be interested in online casinos. If you want to know more, read the full story on and see why there are so many people who are trying their luck online.

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    Passionate sports fans can often be found travelling around the world in order to follow their favorite teams or to support their nation in a variety of sports. Avid travelers may be perfectly used to throwing a few clothes in a case, booking a hotel and jetting off to a destination yet if it’s your intention of visiting a big sporting event there are of course many other things you may want to consider before you head off. Hopefully these useful tips will help you on your travels.

    As we all know there are many reasons why a big ticket event may be rescheduled or even cancelled at the last moment, and this is particularly common in the sporting world. A game, match or sporting event may face a last minute change due to issues with ticket sales, health and safety, the crowds, or the venue itself so it always makes sense to keep in touch online regarding the event itself. Some teams or events will have an app you can use on your mobile device in order to keep a check on all the necessary information you’ll need before you arrive.

    Certain venues will have limitations on certain items you may or may not bring inside. Make sure you check beforehand so you don’t turn up to a game loaded with beers if you’re not allowed to bring them in with you, and ensure you’re wearing the correct dress code for the venue in question. For example trying to get in to watch a tennis match at Wimbledon in London without wearing a shirt on a hot day you will most certainly be turned right away.

    When travelling on long journey's your smartphone or tablet is great for gaming, by playing online slots such as Shoot! online slot with Euro Palace, and keeping yourself entertained. Thanks to these great mobile-based devices and the internet of course it is now even easier to research and even take a virtual tour of an area, location or venue before you arrive. And often dependent on the destination it could very well be a good idea to check things out online ahead of time. Better still give yourself a couple of days prior to the event and head to the venue in order to familiarize yourself with your surroundings and all the local amenities on offer.

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    Fantasy football has really taken off over the years, evolving from pools in the office to a serious game in its own right. The fantasy football league offers groups and individuals a fun and unique way to enjoy their favourite sports and introduce a twist to the experience. Fantasy football refers to an activity in which participants create a ‘fantasy’ team made up of players from teams in a league. Points are scored based on the actual performance of those players. Knowing the players and their skills is a must for anyone considering taking part in a game, as this knowledge will determine your success when playing.

    News sites like Sky Sports monitor the progress of players and provide enthusiasts with valuable updates and that can inform their decisions when forming a fantasy football league. For example, Sky Sports recently announced that four Liverpool players have made it into their league this week based on Liverpool’s victory against Aston Villa. Conversely, the Independent recently profiled four football players that would be worth considering.

    While nothing is guaranteed, you can make some strong decisions based on the information available, and keeping an eye on the performance of individual players is one of the best ways to stay on top and make the best choices of players for your league. For example, the Independent’s recent article included Chelsea’s Diego Costa, who has been performing impressively lately and has an average of 3.7 shots per game as well as many other impressive achievements throughout his career thus far.

    Casino and Betting sites like Betway can be a valuable source of information when it comes to building your fantasy league. Why is this? Put simply, sites like Betway gather up information regarding odds, as well as providing you with useful facts and figures that can help you to make the best decision. Whether you need information about a specific player or want to read up on the odds for a team, Betway will have what you need. If you’re putting together a fantasy football team and need some advice and information, then why not check out Betway now as the Premier League betting markets heat up?

    There are plenty of resources available for people that are trying to put together a fantasy football league with real clout, from news sites like the Telegraph and the Independent, to sites that gather up valuable statistics and odds like Betway and other gambling organisations. Make sure that you monitor players of interest and keep an eye on their progress, and don’t limit yourself when it comes to the teams that choose from.

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  • 02/19/16--01:37: FM16 Tottenham Hotspur Guide
  • Brief history

    Tottenham have always been one of the best teams in England, consistently qualifying for the Europa League and sometimes even getting a top four spot. Founded in 1881, Tottenham's first major trophy was the FA Cup in 1901. Since then, they have won the FA Cup another 7 times, the Football League (the old Premier League), the Championship and the Euro Cup twice, the League Cup four times and the Cup Winners' Cup once, in 1963. Those may seem a lot, but the worrying fact is Tottenham's last trophy was the League Cup in 2008. Can you make history in the white side of London?

    Budget and Expectations

    When you join Spurs, you get a minimum of £1.48Mp/w wage budget plus £17M to spend on transfers if you agree to the basic expectations (Premier Division-Qualify for Europa League; FA Cup-Reach Sixth Round; Europa League-Reach Group Stage). You can choose the biggest transfer and wage budget, £23M and £1.74Mp/w if you agree to win the League, reach the Final in the FA Cup and reach the Second Knockout Round in the Europa League, but I wouldn't recommend it simply because the team is not title challenge material (yet).

    You also get 90% of the transfer profits directly in your transfer budget. Overall the basic expectations are fine, you can't expect to go much better than a 5th place in the League due to Chelsea, City, United, Arsenal and Liverpool all having similar, if not better, players than you. In Europe, however, you can probably get out of the group stage easily, so I would put it to Reach First Knockout Round and get the £0.6M increase in the transfer budget and £250k p/w in the wage budget.

    Squad overview

    Hugo Lloris - Your number 1. His reflexes are insane and he's consistent too.
    Michel Vorm - Backup to Lloris. Not bad but not Lloris level either.
    Potential signings: -
    Young players in team: Luke McGee, Thomas Glover

    Right backs
    Kyle Walker - Good fullback or wingback, depending on the tactic you use. He doesn't have the best technical and mental stats, but his physicals are insane.
    Kieran Trippier - New signing from Burnley, similar to Walker in everything, but Walker gets the first team spot just because of international experience.
    Potential transfers: Šime Vrsaljko, Mattia de Sciglio.
    Young players: Peters

    Left backs
    Danny Rose - Same as Walker, just a bit better in everything. Holds the first team spot ahead of Davies, he's homegrown in the club too.
    Ben Davies - Solid backup for Rose, his only weakness is his pace but it can be improved in training.
    Potential transfers: Domenico Criscito
    Young players: -

    Central defenders
    Jan Vertonghen - One of the best CBs in the Premier League. He's in his prime, so in 2-3 years you should sell him to maximize his value.
    Toby Alderweireld - New signing from Atletico Madrid. Him and Vertonghen make up an excellent defence, both in the Belgium and in the Tottenham lineup.
    Federico Fazio - Outstanding attributes in the air. He's an amazing backup to Alderweireld and can even push him away from the first team slot. The only problem is his age.
    Kevin Wimmer - Another new signing. He should be given some game time in the cups or Europe, just to develop those stats.
    Potential transfers: None, you already have some great defenders.
    Young players: Cameron Carter-Vickers, Miloš Veljković

    Eric Dier - Natural Right back and Central defender, but I play him as a Half back in the Defensive midfield position as it's the weak position of the team. He's able to perform outstandingly in any role as he is very versatile. The Manchester clubs sometimes make an offer for him in the 1st window. Do not sell him, you won't find many players like him. His only weakness is his strength, but that can be improved as he's only 21.
    Mousa Dembele - The big midfielder, another Belgian international on the team, is an amazing team player. He should be in the starting 11 week in week out as a B2B midfielder as he has some pretty good attributes both offensively and defensively. He is mainly used as a defensive player, but is capable of pulling out some great dribbles (his Dribbling attribute is 18 and Flair is 16).
    Ryan Mason - An academy graduate, the young playmaker appeared in 31 matches out of 38 possible in the League last year, and was one of the most pleasant surprises on the team. He's a good player with an amazing work rate and tackling, making him an ok choice for the defensive midfield. The weaknesses are his Determination and his Strength, but despite that he does a good job in the midfield, especially in the DLP or CM role.
    Nabil Bentaleb - The young Algerian is another academy graduate who can replace Eriksen or Dembele in either role nicely. Best used as a DLP or RP, he does a great job delivering those balls forward. I use him ahead of Dembele just because of how good he develops.
    Dele Alli - The English wonderkid, bought for 5M from MK Dons, has been impressing this season, and has also been rewarded some games in the England national team. On the game he's described as a flamboyant midfielder and is best used as a Roaming playmaker. You can get him tutored by Dembele to raise his Determination.
    Christian Eriksen - And here he is! Spurs' most valued player, the Danish playmaker, bought two years ago from Ajax for a meagre 10M, has been improving more and more. He can score 10 to 15 goals per season on free kicks only (19 in Free Kick taking) and is best used as an Advanced playmaker.
    Potential transfers: -
    Young players: Joshua Onomah, Will Miller, Tom Carroll

    Erik Lamela - Another star in the team. It's going to be a challenge to keep him on the team as he's always wanted by the big teams. He's very versatile and can play anywhere in the Attacking midfield, but is best used as an Inside forward or Advanced playmaker on the right side. If you need money you can sell him as you have a huge depth in the role, but I don't sell him.
    Nacer Chadli - The last Belgian on the team, he is comfortable with either foot and is extremely versatile. I use him as a backup on the AML position but can easily be a first team player if you like him more than...
    Heung Son-Min - This transfer window's big signing is also versatile and either footed. Should be played ahead of Chadli as he's younger and has more potential. I use him as an Inside forward on the left side as he's fast and has good Finishing (17).
    Andros Townsend - Another very good winger and also an academy graduate. Can play on both wings in any role. I use him as Lamela's backup. He has, however, the habit of shooting from distance and may waste a lot of good chances as his Long shots attribute is only 12.
    Potential transfers: Lamela (out, 25M); Sadio Mane (in, 30M)
    Young players: Alex Pritchard, Kenneth McEvoy

    Harry Kane - The last academy graduate on the list, Harry scored 21 goal in the League last season and was surely the standout performer on the team. Manchester United often sniff around him, just tell them no, because you won't find a better striker who fits the Target man position, which is a must if you use Inside forwards like I do. His best roles are Target man and Complete forward. Use him wisely on set pieces too, he may score a lot as he's tall and has a good heading and jumping reach.
    Clinton N'Jie - The new signing, bought from Lyon for 10M, is underrated in FM. His best attributes are Acceleration and Pace, and he can make a good Poacher, which unfortunately doesn't fit the team, so I suggest to sell him or send him on loan to see if he improves.
    Potential transfers: Charlie Austin, Abel Hernandez
    Young players: Shayon Harrison



    This is my favourite tactic, and is similar to the one Pochettino uses in real life. It allows ball possession, defensive stability, midfield control and a deadly attacking trio.


    The Ancelotti-style tactic, it's more attacking and faster than the first one. I use it against lower league teams and teams with a bad defence.


    A narrow and slow tactic for wasting time and maintain narrow leads.


    Tottenham have a good and young squad this year, with no need of much strengthening. Use your best players, Eriksen, Kane, Lloris and Dier, and build a team around those wonderkids. Good luck!

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  • 02/19/16--04:44: Lethal Attack 4-Win-3

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    Massimiliano Allegri led Juventus FC nearly to the treble in 2015. I found a video analysis of this tactic that you can watch below.

    Based on that, I created a tactic for FM 2016.

    The key components of this tactic are:
    - A high pressure play of the 4 midfielders to force the opponent to play over the wings.
    - Solid defending.
    - Playing on own half we play in a slow and controlled pace, but when we're on the opponents half we start playing more direct. This is accomplished with individual player instructions.

    Here are the team instructions:

    I have to admit that I just created this tactic, so I will post some results in the near future. At first sight the tactic seems to work. I'm currently playing with Oxfort City, but I like you guys to give it a try and post your results with any other club.

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    Following up from last year's England tika taka this is the overload.

    Very high pressing aiming to battle the opposition for every ball, some nice slick passing with great attacking plays. No team instructions.

    It's very important to train your players ppm's to each position to get the best out of them (refer to this guide).


    0 0

    See more player stats on match screen.

    • Pass attempts, passes completed, key passes
    • Shot and shots on target
    • Cross attempts and crosses completed
    • Tackle attempts and tackles won
    • Time column, subs/inj/sent off
    • Player morale
    • Mistakes
    • Assists and goals
    • Condition and rating


    Installation Instructions


    Step 1

    Extract the downloaded .rar file using 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac.
    You'll get a folder including 3 files.

    Step 2

    Move the panels file inside the folder to the panels folder of the skin you're using:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\<YourSkin>


    If you are using default skin:
    Move the panels file inside the folder to the panels folder of the skin you're using:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\

    If the folders don't already exist, create them, or download a custom skin.

    Step 3

    Go to FM Preferences > Interface Screen, clear your cache and tick "Reload skin".

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    Leicester are currently sitting on top of the Premier League playing a style of Counter Attacking Football similar to the style Man United used in 1994. This video shows you how to set up your team, or specifically Leicester, in FM16 and be a genuine force in the Premier League.

    All information is in the Video, but here's a summary:
    • Play Deep,
    • Keep Formation
    • Get ball forward fast
    • Play wingers with Pace, Stamina and Work rate.
    • Keep Jamie Vardy Happy!
    • Change forward roles if needed.
    • Defense should never get caught out of position.
    • Never have as much Possession as the other team.

    NOTE: Set plays are set to my preference. Edit if you like.

    You can also find this file on Steam Workshop.

    The Reckonist created this tactic and produced the video. The download page here is created with his permission.
    You can follow him on twitch and on twitter.

    More FM16 tactics by The Reckonist:

    4-3-3 Possession Tactic / Scholes Can't Tackle

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    The Premier League teams cooperating with online gaming industry clearly know their business well. What's more, they understand a lot of the demands of marketing and managing to expand their brand. The premier league teams are able to recognize rising industries when they see rising industries, and they are just as good at recognizing industries that are maintaining, but which are going to need more support if they are going to achieve mastery over their competition. The fact that the online gaming industry is the industry on the rise and the world of professional sports is maintaining but not really growing is not lost on them, which requires a tremendous amount of discipline and self-awareness.

    It is true that a lot of people watch football and a lot of people follow the premier leagues. It is also true that the Euro Palace online casino is a popular place, but many people have still never heard of it. Going to is not a nearly universal pastime in the way watching football has been a nearly universal pastime for a long time in the United Kingdom. However, when evaluating the relative popularity of a website like the Euro Palace online casino and the premier league teams, it is important to think about their futures and not just their current levels of popularity, which are subject to change.

    When people even hear about the Euro Palace online casino, they usually stop to play. This is a casino that offers hundreds of dollars or euros in welcome bonuses. This is also a casino that manages to offer people hundreds of different slot games, many of which they are going to like and which they will want to play over and over again. People like casino games, and many people just aren't all that aware of the presence of online casinos like the Euro Palace online casino at: All they need to do is to hear it mentioned a few times at a sports match, and they're usually going to manage to check it out for themselves with enthusiasm.

    The reverse situation really does not make sense with it comes to the premier leagues. People throughout the United Kingdom and throughout the rest of the world have heard of the Premier League games. They are usually already going to be able to get footage of them from all over the world. These games already have a great deal of cultural penetration. They're probably only going to be able to win so many new fans regardless of how much they try to market their image. For them, getting the right amount of money from sponsors is going to matter so much more. As such, it follows that people are going to see Premier League teams cooperating with online gaming industry.

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    0 0

    Hey, this is my standard logo pack for Football Manager 2016.
    Standard means the logos have no effects on them, as this is the way I prefer them.

    Standard Logopack Contents

    Included are now over 38000 logos for clubs and competitions.

    Here are some stats:

    Africa: 1712 logos
    Asia: 3935 logos
    Europe: 23225 logos
    North America: 2294 logos
    Oceania: 294 logos
    South America: 3352 logos
    Competitions: 3217logos

    Download Links

    Rest of the World + Competitions

    Small Update

    Logos FM16 Preview

    How to add standard logos megapack on Football Manager 2016

    1. Download the 2 .zip files and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract their contents.

    2. Move the extracted contents to your graphics folder:
      \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\logos\
      Create folders "graphics" and "logos" if they don't exist already.

    3. Run Football Manager 2016 and go to Preferences > Interface:
      Disable Using caching to decrease page loading times
      Enable Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences
      Hit the Confirm button

    Work In Progress

    Still left to do are low level clubs of Italy, Romania and Turkey.

    If you notice some club logos that were already out of date when this pack was released or know of some missing logos or found a logo in significantly better quality than in this pack feel free to contact me.
    I'm regularly checking all the big logo sites, so you don't need to link me there, but I don't have the time to constantly check logos for England level 9 or Ireland level 4.


    I'd like to thank Stam for creating the preview picture and making me aware of the fact that mediafire increased file size so I could reduce my download links to 2.

    0 0

    Version 2.0 contains 10.754 changes until 15 March 2016 that happened after the latest 16.3 database lock-down.

    Post your suggestions and feel free to tell me your ideas either on this topic or in the comments below. Hopefully I can do something about it!

    Released: 15 March - v 2.0

    Updates are scheduled to be released every 15 days, so you know when to expect the next ones.

    What is included

    Emmanuel Eboue
    Mikel Merino
    Rafa Benitez

    Transfers Update

    • Transfers from all around the world from the very best leagues to the small ones
    • Contract changes to reflect corrected wages
    • Managerial changes
    • Passed away players / staff are removed from database
    • Corrected squad numbers
    • In some cases adjusted personal attributes such as height and weight
    • Added favorite clubs, favourite staffs and so
    • Nationality changes

    General Changes

    • Chairman changes - Newly created chairmen take the place of the ones who left
    • Added affiliations between clubs
    • New people created that are not in the game, and are not wonderkids
    • Stadium removals
    • Corrected captains

    Injured Players

    • Players who were injured, corrected injury dates
    • Players who were injured, but mistakenly not added to the game


    • New young players created, who will become world class players in the future
    • In some cases adjusted CA/PA abilities of players under 21, and set wonderkids

    Current Ability / Potential Ability Changes

    • Adjusted stats and current ability attributes
    • Adjusted potential ability
    How will this feature affect our games? Can we play this update without the CA/PA changes?
    Yes, the CA/PA file is a new file beside the others. If you don't want this file, simply don't choose it when you start a new game.

    How to install pr0's data updates to FM 2016

    1. Extract the downloaded .rar file using 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac OS X.

    2. Move the extracted .fmf updates you want to the following location:
      Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2016 / editor data
      Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

    3. Open FM 2016 and start a new save-game with your selected databases of choice.

    In case you have more editor data files:
    When setting up a new game, do not have any other data update files ticked on your Editor Data Files screen except this one.
    Choose only my files if you are not sure about the changes in every file. Many files together from different creators can cause crashes to the game, duplicates and other problems. Avoid using files from different creators.

    Please consider donating

    For my work I don't get any reward, only thanks. If you want to say thanks in another manner by donating, I can accept any offers in my PayPal account:

    Thanks !


    20 December 2015 - v1.1
    • 13.696 changes.
    • New transfers/managerial changes. All confirmed winter transfers are immediately included as present transfers and not as future transfers.
    • A couple of CA/PA changes.
    • A couple of wonderkids including Brooklyn Beckham,Antonio Trogrančić & Edvard Tagseth.


    These FM16 Data Packs are created by pr0 on behalf of the community.
    Make sure to visit the brand new website dedicated to my Football Manager Data Packs: Updates by pr0.

    0 0

    iOS style'16 megapack 1.0

    Released: 5 Jan 2015
    ver2.0 Update: 2 Feb 2015
    ver3.0 Update: 15 Mar 2015

    A little bit intro...
    So my friends and I decided to make a new facepack this year using action photos, making this game livelier. Therefore I came up with this iOS icon-like model (credit to apple!) which is perfect for any FM skin and it's also a good choice for any profile pics :D
    Our iOS style facepack now covers around 5,800 players in total for the major European Leagues.

    Megapack v3.0 now Including:
    5,800+ player faces in total
    Premier Division -credit to Shin_M
    La Liga -credit to A_Cassano and Shin_M
    Serie A -credit to A_Cassano, Pathtore and Raymond_C21
    Bundesliga 1 -credit to flywerder
    Ligue 1 -credit to Pathtore
    Sky bet Championship -credit to flywerder and Shin_M
    Bundesliga 2 -credit to flywerder
    Turkish Super League -credit to flywerder and Shin_M
    Pack addition 1 -credit to flywerder and Makua
    Pack addition 2 -credit to flywerder, A_Cassano and Makua
    and most of the wonder kids as an added bonus.

    Special thanks to Makua for making hundreds of iOS style faces, great work!

    Note that this pack was made for FM2016 intentionally, however you can also apply it to previous FM series.

    FM16 Preview

    How to add iOS style facepack on FM16

    1. Download the .rar archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

    2. Move the extracted folder "iOS‘16 Facepack" to:
      \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\
      Create the folder "graphics" if it doesn't exist.

    3. Open Football Manager 2016 and go to Preferences > Interface.
      Click the "Clear Cache" button.
      Enable "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences".
      Click the "Reload Skin" button.
      There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.


    If you are interested in making this style of facepack with us or just interested in doing a bit for your own use, do not hesitate to download the template here.
    Click the icon below to download our iOS template :D

    Also, here is a tutorial for making iOS style faces, read it if you are interested in making some.

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself via PM or just comment below.

    Enjoy FM16 and happy holidays :D

    0 0

    I would like to thank everyone who has supported me for the past 2 years.
    Can't thank you enough.
    Hope you all enjoy my new database for FM16.

    TheFMEditor / Steve85

    Released: 14 Nov, 2015
    Updated: 16th Mar 2016

    As usual I will be working on non-league changes in England, Scotland and a host of other countries.

    Update 14.11 Contents

    England Level 11
    The initial version of my FM16 database includes the real format of English football pyramid down to Level 11.

    Free Agents
    101 Raised wonderkids Reputations (more to follow)
    554 Non league transfers/staff in the UK
    54 Created non league players/staff in the UK
    47,177 changes from around the world

    Brand new team balances received from the transfer window. PLEASE NOT TEAM BUDGETS HAVE NOT BEEN CHANGED.

    How to install TheFMEditor 2016 Update to FM16

    1. Move the downloaded .fmf file to:
      \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\editor data\
      Create folder "editor data" if it doesn't exist already.

    2. Run Football Manager 2016 and start new save with this database enabled.

    3. It's highly recommended to disable "Do not Add Key Staff" and enable "Add Players to Playable Teams" in advanced options.

    4. It's also recommended to load all players from the UK & Ireland region using the Advanced... Database Size options.

    0 0


    Now available to download as separate Nations as before or now as a 1 folder option split into 5 parts due to the size.

    The whole pack will now be split into 5 Parts (no more nation packs)
    Also a Folders Setup will be available which includes the correct folders in the right places with config files inside.
    A How do I ? file and some spare config files will also be available for download too...(just in case)

    Over 4000 Club Stadium pictures available for all to use, have a look below to see what is included.

    Instructions are in the post below also available to download too.

    Big thanks to all that have contributed to the pack along the way helping to make the largest Stadiums pack available.

    Stadiums included in the DS8 Backgrounds Megapack

    Czech Republic - 33 Stadiums (DazS8)
    England - 1080 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Portugal - 133 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Mexico - 32 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Denmark - 56 Stadiums (K Nielsen)
    Argentina - 50 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Brazil - 93 Stadiums (DazS8)
    France - 87 Stadiums #UPDATED# (EURO 16 STADIUMS) (DF Facepacks)
    Chile - 33 Stadiums (DazS8)
    India - 13 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Italy - 273 Stadiums (Mass)
    Colombia - 36 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Germany - 242 Stadiums (Gotz)
    Peru - 18 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Belgium - 134 Stadiums (Mass)
    Austria - 22 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Belarus - 13 Stadiums [Struggled to find good quality images] (DazS8)
    Bulgaria - 18 Stadiums [Struggled to find good quality images] (DazS8)
    Croatia - 22 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Finland - 22 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Greece - 54 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Hungary - 33 Stadiums (DazS9)
    Iceland - 24 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Ireland - 18 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Hong Kong - 12 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Israel - 31 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Northern Ireland - 26 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Norway - 63 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Scotland - 262 Stadiums (James Reid)
    Uruguay - 32 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Poland - 35 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Romania - 45 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Russia - 36 Stadiums (DazS8)
    China - 32 Stadiums (DazS8)
    USA - 76 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Serbia - 30 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Slovenia - 20 Stadiums (Liam)
    Spain - 128 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Wales - 14 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Ukraine - 33 Stadiums (DazS8)
    South Korea - 22 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Switzerland - 20 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Malaysia - 25 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Singapore - 12 Stadiums (DazS8)
    South Africa - 29 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Turkey - 70 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Paraguay - 16 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Japan - 41 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Qatar - 20 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Indonesia - 31 Stadiums (DF Facepacks)
    FYROM - 18 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Montenegro - 16 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Luxembourg - 28 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Malta - 32 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Moldova - 12 Stadiums (DazS8)
    San Marino - 8 Stadiums [A lack of any quality pictures] (DazS8)
    Venezuela - 25 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Albania - 10 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Andorra - 17 Stadiums [All teams play in the same stadium... STRANGE] (DazS8)
    Armenia - 8 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Gibraltar - 22 Stadiums [Again all teams in one stadium] (DazS8)
    Bolivia - 14 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Ecuador - 24 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Bosnia & Herzegovina - 17 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Estonia - 17 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Latvia - 20 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Lithuania - 21 Stadiums (DazS8)
    Sweden - 101 Stadiums (K. Nielsen)
    Saudi Arabia - 13 Stadiums (Liam)
    Extra Stadiums - 579 Stadiums (DazS8)


    English Stadiums pack containing stadiums from Premier League to the Vanarama National Leagues (160 stadiums)!a1pXRaxI!dcTttgPiVfvEar9MQRTvjvuuGqrqimiMZ5ALjDFjjGg


    Each type of background has to have the correct config file to get images to show in your game.
    With Stadiums there are three variants of the said config file as follows....

    <record from="10" to="graphics/pictures/team/10/background"/>
    This will show pictures on team screens for example Squad screen, tactics.

    <record from="10" to="graphics/pictures/club/10/background"/>
    This will show pics on club screens for example Club Overview, Finances, Staff,

    <record from="1000" to="graphics/pictures/stadium/1000/background"/>
    This is the config needed to show stadiums (using stadium id numbers and not team) on Stadium Overview screens plus in 2D matches as a background.
    These stadiums are available in a separate pack which I also have available here...


    Firstly open the config file with NOTEPAD.
    Press EDIT on the menu at top of page.
    Then press REPLACE from the drop down menu.
    Type in club in the 'FIND WHAT' box
    Type in team in the 'replace with box
    Press the REPLACE ALL button.
    Finally SAVE your changes.

    Thats it your Stadiums will now show on Team screens instead.

    You can either download each seperate Nation from the RED BUTTON
    Download from the link below split into 5 larger parts.

    How to add DS8 Backgrounds Megapack to your FM 2016

    1. Download and extract the downloaded files (using either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac).

    2. Move the extracted folders into your backgrounds folder:
      \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\pictures\backgrounds
      Create the folders "graphics", "pictures" and "backgrounds" if they don't exist.

    3. Start the game and go to Preferences screen and Interface tab.
      Hit the "Clear Cache" and "Reload Skin" buttons.

    0 0

    For the new season, FMclub is really pleased to show you his Kit template : the TW. This template was created by Teenway, administrator of the french website and pack was done by allezrcs94. Project advance slowly but surely to purpose always more content.


    If you want to share the pack, link this download page and our forum; do not host the files elsewhere.

    How to install

    Step 1

    Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders.

    Step 2

    Copy those folders to:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\graphics\kits\

    Create folders "graphics" and "kits" if they don't exist already.

    Step 3

    Run Football Manager 2016 and go to: Preferences > Interface

    Make sure that you tick the check box on the page called 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences' and un-tick then box saying 'Use caching to decrease page loading times'. Hit Confirm.

    There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.

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